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Idea to top all Ideas....Fundraiser for the "power of ten".... A Freedom Balloon Float...Landing safely no matter where it descends.....as if from the heavens...err Heaven... Bring together Patriots wishing to acknowledge their Love of Country and Support of the Power of Ten's approach to picketing the media.. Balloons, filled with Truth...we'll call Helium. Attached with notes, and small flags that when they land ...they will spread Truth, not as we know it but as "We the People" have been guided from it....it's this Truth that we find God..... $1 for balloon and more for with flag etc....I think I may have found a way to fund the craziness of "Tony" that will bring ATTENTION....from the Media...against their will....believe it....they will have little choice but to Tell on themselves.... Flag attached..where it will land will be OUR LAND...bet on it..."if we can keep it."

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ExCONservative TonyVenuti Show

VirtuePhobia - An Affliction of the Media- Minds poisoned! News that isn’t- as Journalism dies.

  • by ExCONservative TonyVenuti Show
News that is aimed at entertaining an audience as well as inform & educated the audience is doomed for failure. Former Washington Post reporter Carl Bernstein remarked recently that today’s media is “more gossip and trash than news.” -... more
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