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Mission Statement: To unify, inform and embody oneness and acceptance through unique conversation and free exchange of thought uninhibited.

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The GOP (the grand ole p*nis) has started this "WAR" on women, by attacking Planned Parent Hood, Abortion Laws, NOT extend the Law to Indains (Native Americans), Same Sex Couples, and illegal "aliens" protection. Lets talk tongue... more

.Fact: Sperm meets Egg & fertilizes the egg & the results in life. Some women want a child some do not. ROE V WADE 1973 "gave" women the "Right" to choose how She wants to maintain her own body/health. Now, in some parts of... more

Women are the portals to life. Fact: when sperm meets an egg and becomes fertilized. The GOP claim to have the monopoly on "values" & "god" , yet they would like for women not to be protected. Laws are being passed... more

Governor Scott Walker did not think that the citizens of Wisconsin could obtain the 750,000 petitions needed to protest the very stringent 'Union Laws' being imposed on their community by himself and his Republican counterparts! But oh... more

The Republican Debate is great tv, if I want the rich to continue getting rich and you remain poor or worse suffering while dying Do you feel do you feel safer withba Republican president? Let's. Go 1714-242-7217

OBAMA SPEAKS OUT e years, the claims are Obama hasn't done .lObama wont work with the other side. Also, he wants edicare and hates America. President Obama stated his d one can see what he is doing. Do you feel like Obama most... more

Dear Mr. Cain you have yourself to blame. We thought u insane a Black Mane as the republican nominee??? That'll neva be you see its fact that act of being the Koch's Brotha from another mother is played u were neva real with yourself and... more

We The People do what we must!!!"

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