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I want to be the first to make a real change on how formerly incarcerated people are treated. "Those who have not sinned let him cast the first stone" This show is dedicated to my father Ronald "Pops Pee Wee" Pennywell and my mother Joann Stovall " Walker

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I want to inform you about some recent crimes that has taken place, "which was devastating" and give hope to those that are still committing crimes. (Turn from You Ways"

I will continue to raise questions and concerns about society's view of non-violent ex-felons. I am working hard to change policies regarding ex-felons please join me.

Ex-Felon Anonymous

  • by TOMI LEE
Please visit my website at to get information and the help you need. I am very resourcefull and have obtained great knowledge in this field. Please visit the website and donate your dollar to keep us working for you and... more

I want to continue to show ex-felons starting life over is not the business !!!!

Your host is forced to retract some statements due to so much crime that has taken place. We have to made accountable for our actions.

I want to know what drives a person to committ crime. How can we help you stay on the right path?

I want to wake up women with insecurities who are taking care of men in prison. Do you really think he loves you? "Let's Talk"

We want to encourgae the youth to stay out of these prisons and jails. We want to keep encourging them on a life time basis.

We will discuss the hardships of children as minors.

I will discuss jobs and get to the root of the problem of why employers fear people with criminal backgrounds.
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