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Throughout the pacific northwest there is a familiar distinction between our landscape and that of any other. Our forest shapes the culture, reveals the people and conceals mysteries. One such important mystery is that of theBIGFOOT or SASQUATCH. My quest is to enter into a world I know nothing about and learn with my audience just how much the legend of BIGFOOT is based in reality. Join Toby, Friend of the Feet", as we look deeper into our own backyard and see who or what has been watching us. Join in the mystery Sunday at 7p.m

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Aside from today being my Birthday, it is also the day I have to set the radio aside untilI I get the symposium underway. What is the symposium you may ask? Well all one needs to do is visit my new website at... more
Oregon Sasquatch

Bigfoot Air on hold for world most important Sasquatch meeting at www.oregonsasquatchsymposium.webs.

  • by Oregon Sasquatch
The show will return soon with new info on all the details for the June2010 Sasquatch conference here in Eugene,Oregon. Talk to you all soon Toby
Oregon Sasquatch

Busy producing new ideas for the Fall Shows

  • by Oregon Sasquatch
I've been very busy here trying to come up with new ways to keep the show up to speed. I have lots to update, but it really is all in the organization. I will be posting a just what the next show will be about coming your way on the 6th of... more

Billy Willard is a beloved member of the Bigfoot community and founder of Virginia Sasquatch Watch and Squatch Watch Radio. Billy will be joining me this Sunday at 7 do discuss his background as a Christian that has had a Bigfoot... more

Don is a well known Bigfoot researcher, leader of the Eastern Ohio Bigfoot Investigation Center and producer of his own Bigfoot radio show called "Sasquatch Triangle"! Join us this Sunday at 7pm pacific as we talk to Don. I... more

On May 2nd 2009 Don and a friend decided to go for a hike up to a known ghost town outside Santa Cruze,Ca.. As they continued their hike, they both soon realized that they where not alone. Be sure to tune into Bigfoot Air as Don... more

"COMPUTER GREMLINS THIS WEEK"--JOIN US NEXT WEEK WHEN we invite Darin onto the show to discuss his book that journals his up close encounter with a large hairy giant. Darin is also a fellow researcher and has his own... more

He is a Drummer, Musician, Scientist, Historian, Consultant through Fisheries Work, as well the Tribal Data Steward for the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission. As far as Henry's Sasquatch work, after a decade of silence, and... more

What does a highly questionable Sas cast and 2 days worth of free time get you? In my case it got me 4 specialist to join in on the discussion of what makes a footprint, no matter how large, legit! Hear the recordings of an University... more
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