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You remember her! AMBER HOLCOMB from American Idol's 2012 season in which she gave it all she had. By performing ?Funny Valentine? she advanced for a trip to Vegas for the next stage. She was then eliminated May 2, 2013 coming in fourth place. That did not stop her dreams from becoming a reality, so she reached out to Producer James Worthy of DreammusikGroup and joined forces. Amber will be releasing her debut single in late 2014. Get the exclusive scoop on what's next for Amber Holcomb ...................on "TLRtalks" with Lillia DePass! You don't want to miss this interview!
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OK everyone, listen up! For those who thought only the poor or those of color would be devestated by the economy, think again. A colleague asked me "what do we all live in?" I was confused, so I answered "well we all live in the same... more

This "RELATIONSHIPS" part 5 show will be the finale show of our "RELATIONSHIPS" series. Our returning guest, Mr. Hayward Redd will join in on the discussion so you don't want to miss it! Tune in next Sunday, June 22,... more

Join in on the continuing discussion about "RELATIONSHIPS" on our part 4 series on "TLRtalks" with Lillia DePass and our returning guest Mr. Hayward Redd.

This will be our part 3 show on "RELATIONSHIPS". My returning guest Mr. Hayward Redd will help kick off the discussion about relationships between African there a problem? Next on "TLRtalks" with Lillia DePass

Our first show discussion on RELATIONSHIPS was quite enlightening and now part 2! Throughout the month of June on the first 3 Sunday's at 12 noon (Eastern) we will be engaged in an open discussion about relationship topics... more

OK, so we have had discussions about the world economy, entertainment, media etc.. NOW we want to talk about something that is a part of all of our lives- RELATIONSHIPS. Relationships can be built up or torn down. Today's show is... more

This show is about whatever we are concerned about with regards to events going on in the World today. This is a must listen to show. "TLRtalks" is back with returning guest Hayward Redd of "Break The Spell" series. WILD CARD show... more

Serious about musicianship combined with an engaging sense of creativity, this multitalented Saxophonist approaches the art of Jazz by fusing it with other genres and elements of music. Eric Thomas speaks to Lillia DePass about how... more

Our returning guest and author of "Break the Spell" online series, Hayward Redd speaks with Lillia DePass about what is happening around the world economically and beyond! Next on "TLRtalks"... This show is a must listen to show.. Many... more

Corruption is a serious topic effecting the entire world. Have we accepted lying to one another, cheating on one another, perversion and more? Has corruption become the normal way of living due to media hypnotism and preying on the... more
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