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Yesterday, Kevin Gates was sentenced by a jury of 6 women (who are unidentified) for kicking a Maranda Dixon in the chest at a show he was performing at in August of last year. The reports that have come out from the... more

Emotions were running high in Charlotte following the killing of Black man, Keith Scott, last week. One tiny resident with a big heart, Zianna Oliphant, expressed her emotions at the first city council meeting since the shooting. To say that... more

Blake said that she, "would ensure the city holds the right people accountable" in regards to Gray's death and and a year and a half later, all immediate personnel involved with Gray's detention and subsequent death are free and clear. For their... more

The left is pointing fingers at the right and the right is pointing fingers at the left. Some people are crying for tighter gun control laws while others still, argue not enough American citizens are armed to "protect themselves and their property".... more

According to investigators, it appears that that man may have tried to climb or jump the fence when his shorts got caught on the fence. The man is believed to be around 40 and 50 years of age. Police do not suspect foul play according... more

A post was sent to me earlier this week and it bothered me so much that it prompted me to do an Editor's Desk section. I felt that there are certain things that happen that don't make news but should still be somehow discussed. What I... more

Not only did you reek of bacon but you're a full grown man. You've traversed into the creepy old perv phase and still got a long way to go. Is it the uniform and gun and badge that has you feeling yourself? Did you believe because you're a cop... more

Questions still remain. Was there indeed a 911 call? If so, why won't police release it already? How can it hurt their investigation unless in fact there was no call and Officer Anthony Green decided to profile Foster. Did Foster and... more

Last week six state employees were criminally charged in district court in relation to the disaster in Flint. You remember the disaster. The water crisis that poisoned a poor city with lead water? The crisis that effected... more

Less than 24 hours after America celebrated her freedom, America gunned down one of her OWN. Less than 24 hours later, another AMERICAN was taken out while undeniably compliant with law enforcement. A day later a Black man is... more