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ET Spirituality Source .Love Life Liberty. Ph# 347-945-7207 LIVE ON AIR Theresa J Morris Host of ET RADIO & Podcasts..Connect to Essence. Ascension Psychic - Telepath-Life Coach - Team Maker - Workshops -Retreats-ACIR-ACOR - TJMorrisRadio.com~American Conventions Organization (ACO) shares CosmosRadio.org, AlienContact.org, AscensionPsychics.com - TJ Morris ET.com is the TJ Morris Agency. ACO/ACE Education Entertainment in USA. Host is Theresa as TJ Morris dba ACIR. ERA TIME COP Born Theresa J Thurmond, prefers to go by "TJ". TJ is an advocate for ERA COP Whole Life Living and ACO UFO CLUB. on PHENOMENOLOGY. TJ is a Life Coach Consultation intuitive tarot readings. ERA COP for Education Research Associates Community Online People. TJ is a business woman with interests in the mysteries of life in the Cosmos. TJ promotes her club for her friends interested in ACE Folklife Culture, ACO Ancient Astronauts Clues & Views with TJ Morris on Facebook. We share self-help shows in cyberspace. ASCENSION PSYCHICS CLUB for LIFE COACHES as Free Agents, Consultants, Organizers in breakthroughs as guides using the book called "How to Social Network Metaphysics" ACO Social Service Club available on Amazon. Paranormal Spiritual Science to Science Fiction A to Z. We share Ascension Age Portal as Time Travelers in our Group. TJ is an Author, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach/Psychic Medium on Life & Death. TJ began her ACO as an outreach for those who share the airwaves as team players for the service to others. TJMorrisET.com,TJMorrisradio.com,AlienContactOrg, AscensionPsychics.com, ERA COP MAGAZINE on eracop.com. Our group is mission driven sharing that "Alien Civilizations Exist!". Theresa J Morris, Founder,Host combines Education, Entertainment, Fun,Research, Phenomenology, Anomalies. People, Places, Artifacts. ESP-OBE-NDE-Mind Breakthroughs Phenomenology.TJ is a Life Coach both personal and business. JOIN TODAY and have a FUN LIFE!

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Bill M TRacer shares the Ascension Center Church of Universal Life Ministers sharing ancient history and new thought teachings of the akashic field with Theresa J Thurmond Morris, and others. Speaking on love and light among the akashic field metaphysical readers, the fae, the gifted who share their ACE Folklife, ACO, Alien COntact Org, Ascension Center Church and the megtaphysicians and all who want to believe in the holy spirit and the divine in us all! Make life better by feeling the love and spirit in a gathering. What can we co create? TJ
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Tony Elliott and TJ Morris share the changes in the paradigm called Ascension Age with the Ground Crew on Planet Earth! We are the extraterrestrials -Where do we go when we leave the planet if not spiritual beings? Alien... more

BILL M TRACER introduces the Akasic Quest (AQ Theory) God & Singularity Theory. TJ Morris ACO Social Service Club Find out what spiritual churches, workshops and psychic events are happening in your area, plus spiritual... more

Lightworker & Truthseekers SHOW. TJ has written several books including Roswell Encounters, Ascension Age, and Alien UFO Story by TJ, and "How to Social Network Metaphysics". 1. Be successful at who you are and what you do,... more

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Introduction of People of the Social Paranormal Kind of ACE - Alien Civillizations Exist! Tessa Elliott , Tony R Elliott,Thomas A Sinisi (Tommy Hawksblood), Cyril Kioko, Stephanie Parrish, Theresa J Morris, and Diana of Sacramento all with... more

We share our co-creation of the ACO Corp Entrepreneurial Personal Consultants as Educators. We share community online practicing skills (COPS). Social network with us. We hope to co-create a convention annually for our ACO Corp... more

Kewaunee Lapseritis - Author of Big Foot Books and Wilderness Researcher lives among various beings called Big Foot, Yeti, Skunk Apes, Download Bigfoot videos and analyze -Read A book and research and explore for... more

ACO ET Metaphysics - Theresa J Morris, Bill M Tracer, Tony R Elliott, Tommy Hawksblood Founding Director of the ACE Nonprofit Inc, and ACO Corp Press Club. TJ Morris tm ACIR sm. Theresa also known as TJ Morris dba ACIR is an... more

ET ACO Spirituality Body of the Ascension Center Organization and What Constitutes a Non-denominational spiritual church that believes in faith in the change of the humanoid sentient intelligent being species. - Mysticism-... more

THOMAS HAWKSBLOOD VP OF ACE WITH TJ DISCUSS ET'S ACO Metaphysics 101 Dedicated to all those who came before, and will afterward. May those who refer to this guide find information and knowledge to lead on the path... more
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