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Spirituality, Metaphysical ET Spirit Guide Tarot Readings-Tues- Ascension Center Org-ACE Folklife Life Coaches Art, Culture, Education, Authors Club Shares Books-Wed.- ERA COP Education Research Association Community Online People meet as a Panel on Various Topics -Thurs- Friday Fact Night for Truthseekers in building knowledge with book authors reviews. -FRI-Then Sat -WOW! Cosmos Connection 6-8- 2 hrs on Revolution Radio we come back here to do 8-10 E -ACO Alien Contact Org-Saturday (2- 2 Hr. Shows).-Early Sun w/Amad Painter 11 E.then we Meet & Greet Sunday here at 7 E! ACE Metaphysical Institute presents ACE Nonprofit Inc. to wrap up the week to begin again with TJ Morris Entertainment Network where people with talents and skills share. TJ Morris Media brings Artists, Artisans, Authors,Crafts Creators, Speakers,musicians, singers, songwriters, television show fans, friends of movie goers and reviewers, blogger friends -Facebook Friends Life Stories. Theresa J Morris, Author, Artist, Entrepreneur, Radio personality, Life Coach, Spiritual Empath Intuitive shares TJ Morris Treasure Shop Book & Gift shop. We are looking for sponsors for our paranormal spiritual metaphysical social networking shows while we grow into the future! Livingry Now! TJ is Founder of ACE Folklife Historical Society- ACE Metaphysical Institute (ACE), Ascension Center Organization (ACO), Alien Contact Org (ACO), ACE Folklife Education Research Association (ERA) Community Online People (COP) .TJ Morris Hosting encourages agents-consultants-organizers in small businesses domains to archive. TJ Morris ACIR inspires American Culture International Relations Investigative Reports for Education purposes. Ancient History, Spiritual Quests. ACO Ascension Center Org (1993) Psychic Awakening Classes, ACE Folklife Historical Society (2007). ACIR (2004) American Computers Internet Researchers online - Social Entrepreneur B2B Consultants fosters growth in sustaining bu

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Theresa J Morris, Author, Entrepreneur, Radio Show Host offers her time LIVE ON AIR to welcome friends into her spiritual community of friends as lightworkers and truthseekers. If you would like to participate in her show please be so kind as to support her and her work by making a donation to further her cause in guiding others in art, culture, education, self-help, authoring books, publishing, and service to others with a donation. ACO – ACE – ACIR all service marks of TJ Morris Trademark owned by Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris TJ is a nonprofit activist while building small businesses in the new cyberspace culture. - Life after Death/Psychics & Mediums/ Spirits, Spirit Guides & the Spirit World/Reincarnation/Discarnate concerns/Near-Death Experience (NDE)/After Death Communication (ADC): Dreams, Lucid Dreams/ ESP and Telekinesis as signals from our loved ones in spirit? Why do some people have dream visitations and others don't? Deathbed Mediums for Crossing Over-7Levels - Life Coaching, Spiritual Intuitive and Hospice Caregiver Support for our loved ones in spirit while so many people reincarnate and why some discarnate and want to haunt. Psychic intuitive readings focused on spirit communication and mediumship., Reiki energy healer medical intuitive, helps people see, hear and feel their loved ones in spirit on their own by encouraging ACE Metaphysical Institute Empathic Reiki Courses and Tarot Card Reading. Some share their talents more than others as intuitive transpersonal hypnotherapist while friends use hypnotic regression. Sharing ACE Metaphysics, Ascension Center Education as the founder. Ascension Center Education Donations appreciated goto paypal and email needed is GO TO DONATIONS on THERESAJMORRIS.COM.-Also TJ founded ACE Metaphysical Institute, Ascension Center Org, ACE Folklife, ERA COP, all to be membership driven. IF YOU HAVE A SKILL AND INTEREST LET HER KNOW!
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Spirits of Ascension NEW PROGRAMS THAT TJ OF ASCENSION AGE is SHARING IS HOW WE ALL CAN SHARE THE FUTURE! The Current Scientific Paradigm that goes Bump in the Night or related to the material world. We will... more

Theresa J Morris is Author/Entrepreneur-Speaker – TJ Morris ET Radio Show Host. SEE TJ Morris ACO Social Service Club. Diana Mc Clintic shares a Stargate Meditation and some Holistic Lessons.... more

Theresa J Morris is Author/Entrepreneur-Speaker – TJ Morris ET Radio Show Host. SEE TJ Morris ACO Social Service Club. BILL M TRACER SHARES " AWAKENING COSMIC OVERMIND"... more

Join TJ Morris ACO - Spiritual Science Metaphysicians. We explore our body-mind-spirits sharing the birth-life-death process. Theresa J Morris shares Life Coaching Seminars and is an Author-Entrepreneur and Ascension Universal... more

TJ Morris ACO Social Service Club –Spirituality of the Social Paranormal Kind. ACE Metaphysical Institute explores ET spirit journey. Theresa J Morris - Intuitive Reader and Life Coach Invites Diana Mc Clintic of... more

ACO - Ascension Convention Organization presents Ascension AGE Metaphysics - Cosmology supporters of a new spiritual science movement as a "Family of Kindred Spirits of the Social Paranormal Kind." The Shift called The Ascension... more

TJ is now working with various small business entrepreneurs in conscious awakening awareness workshops seminars and expo gatherings of kindred spirits. 1. Afterlife 2. Dreams 3. ET – extraterrestrials 4. Ghost stories 5. Near... more

Spirituality & Paranormal gatherings of kindred spirits always entertaining & informative.with Theresa J KMorris and Bill M Tracer, Dennis Dyche - multi-dimensionals. 1. Afterlife 2. Dreams 3. ET – extraterrestrials 4.... more

Spiritual & Psychological Conversations on a wide range of topics including metaphysical, esoteric,Body-Mind-Spirit by Social Networking Women. Sun; Mon, Thu;Fri;Sat -Ascension Metaphysical Ministers join founder -host Theresa J... more

Karen McClamrock- joins Theresa J Morris is and,, SPIRITUALITY RELATED TOPICS Ascended Master Teachings Channeling/ Mediums Crystal... more
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