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TJ Morris ET Radio –Div. of,,,, ACOCORP.ORG in USA- ACO International Independent Associate Contractors Organization - Membership Driven Association for Authors - Speakers - Researchers- Advocates of Art-Culture-Education-Science-Technology-History-Folklife. We have many friends including Spiritual Paranormal Science types, Geeks, Investigative Reporters/Journalists/Bloggers - ACIR Specialists in consciousness, parapsychology,Ufology Analysts Archivists, Authors, Counselors, Intuitives, Journalists, Life Coaches, News Group Teams, Psychics- Documentarians, Videographers, Webmasters, Anew News Reporters, Ascension Age Signs of the Times of ACE Folklife History, Theresa J Morris -Author,Entrepreneur, Speaker and Radio Show Talk Show Host shares Live Radio Shows with Associates, Colleagues, Journalists, Authors, Videographers, and Social Neworkers. 9E/8Central/7 Mtn/6 Pac/3 Hawaiian TIme. CALL IN: 347-945-7207. Each night involves various categories of authors, journalists, reporters, news media on humanity changes in global community self-image awareness, social paranormal topics and in the Book "How to Social Network Metaphysics" Book by Theresa J Morris, Author-Speaker. Theresa, Social Entrepreneur, Agent-Consultant-Organizer with Artists,Archivists, Bloggers, Copywriters, Editors, Photographers, Producers, Videographers, and Social Entrepreneurs who desire to co-create dialog as communication of world information networking. People want to know they have support in their own lives with Intuitive Counselors, Life Coaches Mentors, and Friends Online. ACO is an Association Community Online Organization with classes, events, media, news, publishing as Universal Citizens including how we share in the grass roots awareness of community in trade and commerce in products, services, programs, projects and body-mind-spirit wellness.Popular topics of the times in ACE Folklife, ACE Society, ACO

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See Theresa J Morris, Founder of original Psychic Network (1990-present) and Ascension Center (1990-present)-TJ has been sharing her gift for the ACE Metaphysical Institute which explores ET spirit journey. ACO Esoterics -Theresa J Morris & Friends – Intuitive Readers and Life Coaches Invites others to join to share in Fun and Entertaining shows. Guests ask one question on life body-mind-spirit -birth-life-death process. Sharing Out of Body (OBE), Near Death Experiences (NDE), Ascension higher levels of Being, consciousness, light energy chakras, angel guides, near death, astral travel, reincarnation, prophecies, oracle revelations, numerology, synchronicity, serendipity behavior traits, Call-Ins Welcome to ask for a Life Light Essence Energy Reading of Spiritual Advisers, Life Coachers, Mediators, Personal Consultants on 7 heavens as universe, multiverse, metaverse, xenoverse, omniverse, Alphaverse, and Omegaverse. Anomalous cognition, Astral projection, Aura Energy Channeling (mediumistic),Etheric body, Near-death experience, Out-of-body experience, Paranormal phenomena, Parapsychology, Esotericism, Postdiction (retroactive clairvoyance), Precognition, Remote viewing, Third eye Visionary impressions by TJ Morris. ACO Social Service Club –, METAPHYSICAL INSTITUTE~, TJ Morris ACO LLC KY Associates, Consultants, Organizers - Life Coaches Ascension Awakening Conscious Oracles, psychic medium, author, speaker, Minister of Ascension Center Organization. Lightworkers, Truthseekers Community Online Practicing Skills Ascension Spiritual Intentional Communities supporting sustainability. Extraterrrestrial Contact experencies (ECEs). Energy school work- Rise in the vibe of the tribe. ACE Nonprofit Inc and ACO LLC are both under the Founding Manager Theresa J Morris.
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Join Bill M Tracer, Memphis, TN. Were these seeds ?programmed? to ultimately give rise to what we call the Humanoid form? Are we just one among many other Hominid races that emerged from this programming? Could such directed life... more

"Social Paranormal Kind". ACO Corp – Universal Life Coaching in business strategy of the future. We share education which allows our members to share their lives in their ebooks and cyberspace. We are co-creators and honor... more

ace metaphysics topics afterlife 2. dreams 3. et – extraterrestrials 4. ghost stories 5. near death experiences 6. paranormal activity 7. paranormal definitions 8. psychic phenomena 9. science and religion 10. unexplained mysteries 11.... more

Tony Elliott and TJ Morris share the changes in the paradigm called Ascension Age with the Ground Crew on Planet Earth! We are the extraterrestrials -Where do we go when we leave the planet if not spiritual beings? Alien... more

BILL M TRACER introduces the Akasic Quest (AQ Theory) God & Singularity Theory. TJ Morris ACO Social Service Club Find out what spiritual churches, workshops and psychic events are happening in your area, plus spiritual... more

Lightworker & Truthseekers SHOW. TJ has written several books including Roswell Encounters, Ascension Age, and Alien UFO Story by TJ, and "How to Social Network Metaphysics". 1. Be successful at who you are and what you do,... more

TJ Morris ACO - TJ Morris - Sharing Alien Contact Experiencers - Dedicated to all those who came before, and will afterward. May those who refer to this guide find information and knowledge to lead on the path to... more

Introduction of People of the Social Paranormal Kind of ACE - Alien Civillizations Exist! Tessa Elliott , Tony R Elliott,Thomas A Sinisi (Tommy Hawksblood), Cyril Kioko, Stephanie Parrish, Theresa J Morris, and Diana of Sacramento all with... more

We share our co-creation of the ACO Corp Entrepreneurial Personal Consultants as Educators. We share community online practicing skills (COPS). Social network with us. We hope to co-create a convention annually for our ACO Corp... more

Kewaunee Lapseritis - Author of Big Foot Books and Wilderness Researcher lives among various beings called Big Foot, Yeti, Skunk Apes, Download Bigfoot videos and analyze -Read A book and research and explore for... more
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