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TJ Morris ET Radio –Div. of ACO LLC USA. ACIR Analysts Archive News Team Signs of the Times with ACE Folklife History, Theresa J Morris shares Live Radio Shows with Associates, Colleagues, Journalists, 9E/8Central/7 Mtn/6 Pac/3 Hawaiian TIme. CALL IN: 347-945-7207. Each night involves various categories of authors, journalists, reporters, news media on global community self-image awareness, social paranormal topics in the Book "How to Social Network Metaphysics" Book by Theresa J Morris, Author-Speaker. Theresa, Social Entrepreneur, Agent-Consultant-Organizer with Artists,Archivists, Bloggers, Copywriters, Editors, Photographers, Producers, Videographers, and Social Entrepreneurs who desire to co-create a dialog of world information networking. People want to know they have support in their own lives with Intuitive Counselors, Life Coaches Mentors, and Friends Online. ACO is a Community Online Organization with classes, events, media, news, publishing as Universal Citizens including how we share in the grass roots awareness of community in trade and commerce in products, services, programs, projects and body-mind-spirit wellness.Popular topics of the times in ACE Folklife, ACE Society, ACO Business Associates, ACE Metaphysical Science, Cosmology & Spirituality - Mysteries of Life, Soul, Spirit, Body Health and Wellness of Mind and Consciousness. ACE Metaphysics Topics & Spiritual Community News for ACO LLC -ACIR- American Culture International Relations, ACE Folklife Historical Archivists Association, Ascension Center Educational Awareness Organization, American News Magazine, Anew News Guide, ACIR.US,, and Social Paranormal as Paranormal Journey Guide with ACO Culture Members and Ascension Universal Life Consciousness. Topics Included Weekly Example: Self Image - Real & Imagined - Our Reality Success - Love - Fame-Fortune-Future 1 .Love & Light – Being, Doing, Having 2. Dreams & Dimensions - Mes

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Alien Contact Organization International with Theresa J Thurmond Morris aka TJ Morris of Kentucky, USA and Richard Lennie of United Kingdom will be sharing stories in Cosmology, Paranormal, Super Natural, Spirituality, Ancient Wisdom, New Thought Teachings, UFOlogy, Space Anomalies, the Cosmos, NASA and GOOGLE Earth findings in space and on planet earth. Alien Contact includes all types and those of the FAE.
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THOMAS R. MORRIS, AUTHOR- SPY GAMES-THE PACKAGE on Good Military War Stories as U.S. Army in Europe-CIA.Scott Tyler Series. Tom shares meeting Pres. Reagan when he... more

Alien Contact Organization (ACO) and Alien Civilizations Exist (ACE) Folklife the ET MYSTERIES of the Social Paranormal Kind. Theresa J Morris & Friends -Hugh Traulsen Shares as we prepare humanity for the future of things to come.... more

Tony & TJ share asteroid, meteorites, etc. for new, Getting Organized to recruit new members to our ACO CCC as ACO Social Service Club Members who want to share the Curious Conscious Club with Tony, Tommy,... more

Alien Contact Organization (ACO) and Alien Civilizations Exist (ACE) Folklife the ET MYSTERIES of the Social Paranormal Kind. Theresa J Morris & Friends Revisit Ancient Alien History and also prepare humanity for the future of things... more

A Valentine's Day for Women of the Social Paranormal Kind. Karyn Dolan and Theresa J Thurmond Morris will share their social paranormal world for the empowerment of women in the ACE Folklife Club and the ACO Social Service... more

ET LIFE - PAST & PRESENT TRIAD Soladarity, Initiatives, Advanced Societies, Social Paranormal Society from the Ancients to the Present Humanoid Sentient Intelligent Beings desiring health and prosperity for planet and species.... more

Tony Elliott, Author of Aura Visions book and others will discuss Atlantis with TJ Morris. Share our TJ Morris ACO Social Service Club as a Community Online Practicing Skills with the Social Paranormal Community. TJ Morris ET Radio is... more

TJ Morris dba ACIR is the Atlantis Oracle - Tara Hathshepsut 186,000mph per second per second and infinity squired ELEVENTH DIMENSION AS INFINITY SQUARED. Image of the TEN Dimensions of all in the... more

LEWIS MICHAEL RHINEHART, Paranormal Historian shares his Social Paranormal Journey with TJ and members of the ACE Folklife Historical Society, and ACO Social Service Club. Lewis is a Photo Analyst of the Mars... more

Meet A TN,USA friend of TJ Morris - Lewis Michael Rhinhart Paranormal Historian with ACE Folklife and ACO Social Service Club. Lewis Launches Social Friends Go to and look under the 'annals of... more
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