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TJ Morris ET Radio strangely appealing! Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) Paranormal Life Immortal Souls Cosmos Connection. Super-natural, quantum physics, phenrs, truthseekers, theorists, metaphysicians, We are ACO Association. Call In +1-347-945-7207. Theresa J Morris, Host/Producer. Since June 3, 2012, IT-AI Sponsored by ACO American Communications Online, TJ Morris Media Publishing Agency. Authors Book Club Speaks on pyramidology, ancient cultures, cosmology, science, physics, metaphysics, Indie Writers. ACO paranormal network technology A.I. Techno future. ACO Association Spiritual Community on life after life, universal life consciousness research. TJ writes about the unknown parallels of human nature, OBE, NDE, Dreams, ET Force, Tarot Precog Info.Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris, shares esoterics, metaphysics, science, unexplained, and inspiring phenomena some share as quantum physics. AuthorsBookClub, Cosmos Connection, ERA COP, AscensionPsychic, ET Spirit Guide.. Theresa J Morris Ministries on Universal Life Force Energy, OBE, NDE, Tarot Readings. Multi Dimensional Spiritual Experiences, body-mind-spirit healing arts and integrative medicine includes spiritual science episodes. ACO Association is ACO Paranormal Network News. Friends.ULC family minister, Agent, Author, Consultant Organizer integrative medicine whole body educational entertainment. Ancient Wisdom and New Thought Teachings Mystery Schools, Life After Life, Unexplained Synergy Team Building, Ancient CulturesOrgin.com, Call Theresa J Morris ACOClub,com to add your theory, energy to our evente, join ACO association +1-850-736-5138- +1-850-376-9100-850-230-1896.. http://tjmorrisagency.com -or-http://tjmorrismedia.com, http://tjmorrisradio.com, http://theresajmorris.com. We share research on pyramid builders as http://authorsbookclub.com. Authors of our own life story. We support the Constitution, Based on Knowing Cosmology on Amazon and Lulu.com Call TJ 850-736-5138, 850-736-9100,

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ACO Club Founder Theresa J Morris begins the Whisper Words of Wisdom Series as ASMR relaxation therapy for relaxation as we learn we can calm our inner consciousness. Live and learn while we prepare to share eternity together. Join Today! Theresa J Morris also know as Thera of Sothis an ET Spirit of Thoth and the Emerald Tablets reborn as a whisper of words of wisdom, characters in the Ancient Atlantean language; characters which respond to the attuned thought waves of the reader and which release much more wisdom and information than the characters do when merely deciphered. Enjoy and relax as your spirit relives and evolves with the Ascension Master of the Ascension Age. Cosmos Ambassador shares her energy for healing the spirit.
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