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We share interests as CE-5 Contactee Experiencers. We are the ACO Club, Allied Command Officers, and share Alien Contact Organizers. Ken R Johnston Sr, Janet Kira Lessin, and Theresa J Morris share the future and how we welcome Paranormal Researchers into our ACO Club. We share various peer to peer review journals and have decided to have an annual event for our ACO Association, UFO Association, and ACO Club Allied Command Officers and our Directors!
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We have a serious problem growing now. Are people looking for love or sex, God or love? Guess many people will say all of that. . I have been listening to motivating speakers. They sound good. They make people feel good. Well for... more

We are in the year 2018 and whether you know it not you have been here a very long time already. Many lifetimes have come and gone. You are just a little more aware then you were 10,000 years ago. How's that? What's wrong? Do you... more

THE RIDE IS GOING TO GET CRAZY. Man has almost given up with finding the truth. So they are now looking in all the wrong places. There is nothing for children to do is play sports but they would rather be on the computer. or be on... more

Numbers are the dangers of life. They determine everything. How old we are to do something. How young we are to do something. It determines what we are going to except as far as laws. Who we have to believe. It show patters of every... more

Let's start at the beginning. That happens somewhere around conception soul start getting ready to come into this world in a new temorary body. That body has a lifespan of 1 to 125 years. MAX. I will compare many things to a rock for a... more

We have many people making predictions. How mnay can really make a very important one and it happens? Well Sargel18 made many that came true. Even one on my birthday about something falling from the sky. Which it did. They... more

I will have a speacial guest going to drop in today. (Sargel18). We will start what will be talking about on Sunday. The future, the war, end times, New times, Angels and demons. The way life is and the way it will be. We will go beyond all... more

After a lifetime of studing about spirit, aliens, God and Love I have found very little truth about any of them outside my own experiences. We all look for love and then think the planet will get better. If people cannot find human love they will... more

Right now man has decided to follow their truth then make everyone else follow it too. When someone tries to tell you what God is and what It wants comes from ego. When one thinks God has the same thing for everyone of us and it is the... more

Ascension Psychic Show also known as Theresa J Morris, Cosmos Ambassador with tuning into the divine consciousness we call the universe inside many others with the Host. If you want to be a part of this LIVE radio show please join our... more
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