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ACO Network Media Partners News and Paranormal Network Spiritual Science Reality Shows. Host Theresa J Morris, Author-Speaker- for call letters TJ Morris, ACO, ET Radio, Cosmos Radios on Spreaker, and now 24 hour live streaming radio station in Gulf Breeze, FL 32563. Call In to this Show -347-945-7207. ACO American Communication Online Association, ACO Network Radio Syndication. Live Stream for greater impact with TJ Morris Media Publishing Agency. TJ Morris Agency@gmail.com. 850-736-5138. Catch the Cosmos Connection on Saturday 6-8 E on revolution.radio Studio B. Skype me at TJMorrisET. Share Ascension Age with Theresa J Morris Ministries Spiritual Science Universal Life Cosmology. Theresa Janette known as TJ began the ACO for trusted friends interested in spiritual science, metaphysics, truth, research, mysteries, history, cosmos connection, Life, friendship, as co-creators in synergy with people who want to advance learning and education of AscensionAge.com. TJ invited her authors, video makers, and webmasters to share her philosophy that alien civilizations exist and we are re-writing historians.. ACO Brand shows WE are not alone in the universe and culture archived by ACEFolklife Era Cop Society. UFO Association peer review journals part of Allied Command Org as ACO UFO Secret Space Project. Members and. Listeners supported AS ACO CosmosExpo.com Artisans and Visionaries, Metaphysicians in ufosecretspace.com. Self-Help. Spiritual Path, Life & Death journeys, Open Mind Exploration, Super Natural Unexplained Aerial Phenomenon, Ascension Age Consciousness, Metaphysics, OBE-NDE- Reincarnation, cosmology, quantum physics, remote viewing, haunted houses tourism, ET Contactees Experiencers, Ascension Psychics, ESP,parapsychology, metaphysics, world peace, conspiracies. Area 51, crop circles, cryptozoology, magic to mysteries, UFOS. Ancient Cultures Origin (ancientculturesorigin.com), Earth hypothesis,&am

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Era in time Changes and Current Events Opinions and Views with Tony R Elliott and Theresa J Morris. We are returning with various topics including those listed for the Cosmos Radios, TJ Morris Radio Network and TJ Morris ET Radio.... more

Abductees, Contactees, and Experiencers are now all groups of people sharing the Alientology & Ufology subjects spoken of among many people of earth. We the people of earth share humanity and know and believe in our... more

Join Theresa J Morris & Bill M Tracer on the Ascension AGE Internet Church. Tommy Hawksblood joins in the discussion of yesterday and today's Ascension Age and World Religions and Synergy. Ascension Center Church Organization... more

Bill and TJ shares the Ascension Age

Theresa has asked Thomas Hughes to join her as a Co-Host for Cosmos Starcross Radio Show of the Paranormal Panel Super Natural Kind. Phenomenology, Ontology, Eschatology, Alien Support Group for the Alien... more

Theresa is a known author and Life Coach. She shares her ET Spirit Guide information and Tuesdays will be a panel discussion and Thursdays will be for personal readings for those who sign up and visit our ERACOP.com. We are... more

347-945-7207 CALL TJ ET Spirit Guide Psychic Intuitive Medium Free Advice with Theresa J Morris. Theresa shares many social media groups on Facebook including the Alien Contact Org, Ascension Center Church Org, ACO Club,... more

Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris was born in the USA in 1951. Knowing and believing are two words she was interested in investigating. Learning from her Near Death Experiences, and UFO Sightings, led to a life that made her more... more

Theresa J Thurmond Morris, Alien Contact Org Founder, Shares her "TAKEN UP" Experience in Gulf Breeze, Florida. Believers have a part in the divine plan for joining other humanoids from other planets to colonize other places in space... more

We are the aliens and we are being monitored in various levels above. We are becoming awake and aware that those above have been monitoring us for millions if not billions of years in space. We will discuss the purpose of... more
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