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Living in the moment? Really? What about tomorrow? Everyone one

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Theresa J Morris

Theresa J Morris


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     Mankind is running a race hoping they will win. Except not one of them knows what they will really win. They are being giving the idea the future is going to be incredible and on top of that they will be spiritual. Now on that what about spiritual is important? How many people can say what that even means? People talking about 4,5 6 th dimention. Who is telling us that God, aliens or Lucifer? How about someone that had a bad dream. 

    Dreams are good and bad. What one gets from is usually limited to one's true awareness. If you have fifty dreams a night how many do you think are good? How much information are they really dealing with? In your dream are you in the moment? Maybe you are outside time in your dream space but is what you perceive inside it. That meaning really important to life.

   In the programmed idea living in the moment- really means what? Enjoy dinner? Enjoy taking a shower. Or what most men will wish for having sex. How long do you want the moment to last? Forever? any experience will become anything other then super great if it starts going on and on. Living life in the moment takes you out of the future meaning not doing anyhing about it. We are in a very serious space right now with just about everything being toxic to a different level. While at the same time man still thinks about trying to make it last longer. I never understood man's desire to live forever. Brings to one of my favorite TV series called Highlander. All the spiritual people were fighting to win - the fight by cutting the opponents head off and then gets their energy. But the song of the series is by queen - who want to live forever. Just imacine if you were the only one to live 200 years. How many of your family members do you think you will see die? Death cannot get better if you don't know anything about it. I started to get into it a few days ago.