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Compassion, Prejudice or Judgment where do you stand ?

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Theresa J Morris

Theresa J Morris


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     I will tell you - everyone out there is a Hypocrite. The word Prejudice is within everyone of you. it means = a preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience. BUT What if it is Based on an actual experiences? Is it still prejudice? I will prove what a lie it all is. Then the other word people are so afraid of is called Judgment. Being afraid to judge someone that you consider different. If you cannot you are a fool stuck in the world of control. The same as you judge everything you do, you can say by choice - making a decision on which you think is better. You can break anything down to smell, taste, looks and feelings. That can be applied to food, jobs and even friends.   Even if you compare something to something else that is not even there. 

   Man loves to lie to himself. He justifies just about everything he does. He is proud to be called a man. He lives life to keep his name alive. That has never changed in thousands of years. 

    To move into a spiritual age we have to rearange our thinking and actions. They have to match each other. Abuse has to stop. We have to learn to work together.  We have to support woman as well as men. It is not happening now and time will run out if it doesn't happen soon. 

   Aliens are getting stronger in their actions and It will be soon when they let mankind know what they really want. At the same time our own Government is remving just about anything pertainig to a real God from everything they can. That even includes religions and so called spiritual paths. 

   Are you ready for the truth behind what is happening and how long it has been going on. ?