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God, Aliens and Superheroes , why?

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Theresa J Morris

Theresa J Morris


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Man has almost given up with finding the truth. So they are now looking in all the wrong places. There is nothing for children to do is play sports but they would rather be on the computer. or be on the computer.  Ever wonder why so many adults are going to see movies like Batman, Superman and Wonderwoman? You even have adults on the computer playing games. Where does abuse start and end. 

   Man willl deal with anything for money an fame. But even more then that anyhing wrong they will blame God. They will curse God and Jesus fro just about anything .

   Life to many people is really so bad they resort to drinking and Drugs. Thing that either take a perso into dream land  or reate more anger and fear. They become weaker and weaker and need more and more things to keep them going. Relationships seem to be not as important as one starts going inot the depression which is growing inside many people . That is why the greatest speakers that have to lie have many more followers then people tellig the truth. 

   People need violence in their lives,As violence grow so does the need for more drugs and liquor while they let demons in and will say they are working with angels.  

    Aliens have it so easy to get a person to except them now. While they are convinced they are important. People do anything to allow themselves to beleive they are important. Speakers making more money then everyone else because they are ahappy lying about that. The problem these speakers start believing their own lies but while this is all going down the one that is slowly getting removed from everything is God Itself.  People are starting to bring prophecies into their life and use that for another excuse to d more things that are really hurting the body and the mind.