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Facing Life- Love, Sex ,Relationships and Truth

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Theresa J Morris

Theresa J Morris


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    After all the things we go through people still hide behind the lies so they don't have to deal with the truth. PLEASE- the topics is hard core. Facing the truth and dealing with your truth. Man needs to open their mind on the truth not the lies. I say that in a way because men do it much less then woman do. 

  Woman have much more to deal with then most men. The programming stops here. Woman have many different car-actor feeling and emotions. They are usually much more loving and caring. In man's ignorance try to abuse  and use them as a toy, puppet,slave, sex object, lover and because of all that most woman get physical abuse as well as mental abuse more then not. 

  II have been sexually abused and mentally abused much of my childhood. I was in three relationships and marrages. I spent part of my time searching for truth about love ans sex as well as spirituality and aliens and the main thing God. I can most surly say that I have much more info then most people put together do. I searched it out at every level. Seaching through history and the total of all my lifetimes and are aware of it. 

    Men has never respected woman only in one tribe I know for sure. That is the Native Nation. The white race has never. I will add the only time men and woman were ever equal was in Atlantis. Then the programming of men came and turned  them into sick warriors. They became massive killers as well as rapists. Always using woman as a Object. Even if it was about sacrifice. Men blamed many more woman of being witches then men. Yes, they did go after male magicians.

  I do need to talk about sex crimes today. How a man's world protects men and not woman. How laws work for men and not woman. Did you know most woman were not allowed to plea temporary insanity?