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Getting the truth where ever you can. God and aliens.

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Theresa J Morris

Theresa J Morris


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So many stories and so many religions. How many paths do we need? We have over 2,000 and that is still not enough. Why? Because someone else's story sounds better. Does truth have anything to do with it? I would say not. Do people need truth not really. Should they have it yes definitely.

    Then you are dealing with people that say that is your truth. I have to say and what is yours? They usually cannot answer with anything, or anything important. They will say over and over I have my own truth. It will not include anything about a real God. It will be filled with any and many programmed ideas given to them when they were young or in H.S. 

   Yes I could bring a hundred speakers on and hear many stories. BUT that will just mean that more stories. I can only deal with what I know is the truth. I have proven it over and over again. Which is what you need to do as well. AS we keep moving in a direction is it what we want. I doubt it. More and more people see that. BUT are they going to do anything? Voting is only the first step. Where are you coming from? What belief do you have and except? God is real? God is dead? NO God? I am God? We could talk about the weather, the ocean and tress but will that help us spiritual. Some people would say yes. 

   I just heard about a movie that came out about a man having sex with aliens. Does anyone think that will help? Yes, to the sick people that want something different. The people that are bored with life. Bored with work. Bored with their partner. Even drinking and drugs are not enough any more. Killing and crime turning up more and more.  It is not about the money even in some cases now I call it the cheap thrill, like jumping off a mountain and flying. Well maybe you would rather hear a person say MAYBE aliens will help us? WHAT? Get to heaven or maybe move to Mars.  Tune in and call in.