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Do you know your Guardian angel or Spirit guide? Why Not?

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Theresa J Morris

Theresa J Morris


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After all the Bible stories and ancient myths people now are saying they talk to angels, deities, Aliens and inter-dimensional beings.  Let's not forget Jesus and God. If that was so the world would be a different people would at a higher level. We would be at peace with ourselves as well as everyone else. Why would an angel came down to say everything is OK?  Many people use the word miracle as their proof. That is what the mind calls it. The other words that go with that are luck, chance, gifted, wishful thinking, dreaming, they are all ideas the brain creates when something happened or is happening. The mind can create images when something is happening that are not really happening like False memories. Or you can call them programmed ideas.   The mind only has certain number of words to deal with and each has it's pwn programming even the word Jesus. 

   Do people have time to sit down and try to understand what an Angel really is. Then what is their real reason they would even work with you? That all depends on the program that you excepted.  I want you to realize we relate things by the idea if we feel it is good or if we feel it is bad. Good things come from Good angels and bad things come from bad angels which we call bad. Then you really need to think about why does God allow  bad angels to work with us as well as good.   The idea alone that you have is different to someone else's even if it is a tiny bit different it is different. Just by good and bad is so different for every one. Even if both are saying they are religious or spiritual. Everyone has a view point. Angels know what THEY know by what they learned. Many angels were thrown out of a higher level to a lower level. WHY? Again put on your thinking cap.