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The True Teaching of Jesus- not what people believe. This is not a religion

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Theresa J Morris

Theresa J Morris


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Lets start with what do you blieve? Do you believe in a God? If you do, do you have any idea of what It looks like or what IT thinks? Do you except the ideas put on you all your life about it? 

   I will try to show you how to think and go beyond ego when it come to God. If you follow a religion do they believe in a God.

How many Beings were excepted as Gods?  Then what makes a God? Do you have a clue.? First step do people know what the truth is. It is easier to find the truth then listen to all the lies. But then again people like what lies say over  the truth. 

  The idea of religion is false. They are programes that try to make a person feel good about what ever he does, even killing.   When ever a religon was created is was not half as bad as it is now. Because man just kept changing the things he wanted to make himself feel better they became what he wanted it to be. It had nothing to do what it really is.  The Bible is filled with many great stories but not real.  

   What ever you think you know, what ever you believe please - I will say it is not true. Do you talk to god? Do you think God listenes? Why.  If good things happen you say thank you God. If something Bad happens you still blaim God? 

   If all the people that say God protects them how many people do you thin would be on planet earth now really? Yes the population is going up but that doesn't mean they are any closure to the truth - because that means theopposite .  You can say you talk to angels again I would say 99% of people are not aware what a lie to themselves that is. I am also sure most people are afraid to know the truth. 

   I call on anyone to try and talk about their TRUTH on the show. People are afraid to lose that even.