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Are your friends aliens, or do they think so?

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Theresa J Morris

Theresa J Morris


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   All I hear any more is people saying they are aliens, star beings or even walk ins. Those names took off over the past 25 years and became accepted in the New age,  psychic  paths or belief sytems. There are now over 2000 different paths.  Many people in them thinking they are better then other people but they will not just come out and say it. Many new paths use the what many people call lucifer as their leader. Is that better then saying a deity? 

    They will go on about how worlds are being created from their DNA, People say they have many children in space or on other planets.  Some even are waiting to go to other worlds with an alien race. While others are saying the abduction was the worst day in their life. They are now in a world they don't understand trying to make it better. 

  How much is coming from the gov? How many people are being mind controled and why? Do we have aliens helping us? To do what? I spent my whole life involved with everything from the occults, to psychic powers, ghosts, bigfoot, ufo's and found it all to be real.  

  We each are searching for something in this lifetime. Many will never find it. Why. Because somewhere they were told it was something different or just reprogrammed. Many are left looking for truth they may never find while they have to create a life to help them survive the whole ordeal. -- Just what if?