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ACE Metaphysical Institute -Why Be Spiritual? Aliens and ETs

  • Broadcast in Entertainment
Theresa J Morris

Theresa J Morris


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ACO Training deals with real people. We as humanoids all have our own friends and family. Sometimes we are seen as seekers and other times teachers. It is up to each of us in the ACO to decide if we want to share who we are, what we know, and where we go for  fellowship. Theresa J Morris has shared a spiritual community since she was guided to ACE Metaphysical Institute a Spiritual Community for Metaphysicians, ET, UFOS, etc. We of the ACO Association International are teaming up with the ACE Folklife Society, the Ascension Center Organization, Anciennt Cultures Origin, the ERA COP Peer Review Journal, as Education Research Association Community Online Press People, and all those who share research into Spirit and Life. Life comes from Life. Matter Comes from Life? We share Spiritual Science Community Theories, Hypotheses, Theology, History, and look at what we share in TV Shows and Pop Culture. Who are we? What are we here? Where will we go when we leave this planet? Who cares about our culture and our overall education? Where are we headed with A. I. as the the artificiall intelligence used in the future of technlogy? We share the s  Cosmos Creators and Cyberspace with those who want to talk about interstellar travel, spacecraft not of earth origin, the beings and the souls that are various levels of advanced beings. We share our own ancient astronaut clues and views and are laying down how we can share the LIVE ON AIR talks about that which will become interviews of people who have written books, and done research in our areas of similar interests in our peer review journals. ERA COP, ANCIENT CULTURES ORIGIN, COSMOS EXPO, UFO Secret Space journal. TJ Morris Media, TJ Morris Agency, TheresaJMorris.com and the ACE Metaphhysical Institute.