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ATLANTIS OMNIVERSAL SOURCE by TJ 4 or God ~ Tara Hathshepsut

  • Broadcast in Paranormal
Theresa J Morris

Theresa J Morris


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TJ Morris dba ACIR  is the Atlantis Oracle - Tara Hathshepsut 186,000mph per second per second and infinity squired

ELEVENTH DIMENSION AS INFINITY SQUARED. Image of the TEN Dimensions of all in the UNIVERSE,MULTIVERSE, METAVERSE, XENOVERSE, OMNIVERSE, ALPHAVERSE, OMEGAVERSE. Old Souls of the Original Sources development of Past Life Recall with the Veil Lifted with the ways of the predestination. TJ known as AscensionMaster of the Ascension Center of the Ascension Age brings back Atlantis, Mu, Lemuria, as the Golden Age of Cosmology returns as the old is anewed. TJ begins the New concept of Time called Infinity Squared in the Eleventh Dimension. Copyrighted by the TJ Morris dba ACIR - ACE Metaphysical Institute, USA dedicated to publishing the teachings of Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris.In order to begin we need a point of origin that in the three dimensional world we call the 0 or dot.When we are in the length-width-depth three dimension we have been placed in by our ancestors we can then add the fourth dimension we call TIME.Time as we know it is the FOURTH DIMENSION.We can then add the FIFTH DIMENSION which is the next place in time that may or may not be the same as a parallel universe.However, We can know that the SIXTH DIMENSION is the next place in time and space that we came to see another place that may or may not be another point and place in the space-time universes we call multiverses.The Metaverse is that place which is above and stacked above the Sixth dimension and we can oversee ourselves in the fifth dimension as we look back at a place in space we call space-time where we allowed ourselves to bend time from a straight line into the circle of time through a worm hole or Blackhole.