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Global Life Ontology w/ Donald Croft Brinkner, USN DINFOS

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Theresa J Morris

Theresa J Morris


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  • DC BRICKNER USA Syndicated Journalist, DINFOS Alumni 

BORN: 6 January 1947, 1:18 p.m., Paterson, New Jersey published writer/philosopher on the Internet, Desire is to induce meaningful and substantial social change, both in my home country, the United States, and globally. The core of my Internet writing focuses on the branch of metaphysics called ontology -- the nature of consciousness as it applies to the nature of reality, both in the seen (the physical) and unseen (subspace, for lack of a better term) worlds. I strive to inspire in-depth discussions, not pat answers. I have my strong suspicions about what's what, but I'm not stuck on those ideas. I believe, though, that once you agree on the fundamentals, the other issues pretty much take care of themselves. In the end, the way we live our lives comes down to two key factors: 1.) our world view (how we view the world, and our place in it) -- the objective component; and 2.) Our psychological health ... which is to say, our emotional health -- the subjective component. If we get our view of the nature of reality (and our place in it) correct, then we'll begin to behave accordingly, and false or outmoded beliefs will begin to fall by the wayside. Still, if we're angry, frightened, and feeling lost or alone, then our objective (world view) beliefs will mean very little -- and we'll embrace instead our emotional darkness’s to the exclusion of all else ... which is pretty much how things are now in the world. I'm absolutely convinced we can change that. ..DC BRickner