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TJ Morris ET Radio

  • Broadcast in Paranormal
Theresa J Morris

Theresa J Morris


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TJ Morris is hostess of ET Radio every Sunday at 7 PM Central Time 8 PM Eastern.TJ began ET Radio as TJMorrisETRadio because she believes Alien Civilizations Exist!  ET Paranormal Spirituality is about the Ascension Centers and the Higher Consciousness taking place in the Ascension Age of communication of cosmology. Tj discusses the mysteries of life and times including the Ancient Astronaut Theory. All topics of the New Ascension Age including the Old New Age topics that are esoteric, super natural, and thought invoking. TJ Morris is the creator of the Alien ET UFO Community and invites various authors to discuss their books, and their soul purpose in life. TJ is the founder of the original Ascension Center,  Psychic Network, World Information Network, Planet Information Network, ET Spirit Org, and TJ Morris Org. Tj is now the Pres. CEO of ACO Corp for American Cooperating Organizations about sustainability for the planet and host species of humanoid sentient intelligent beings. TJ believes in Ascension Avatar Masters who remember their past lives on earth and in other universes, multiverses, metaverses, xenoverses, omniverses, Alphaverse, and Omegaverse. TJ shares her Blog Talk Radio Show with others who are her friends in the Social Network Community online in cyberspace. TJ Morris is the trademark and ACIR is the service mark for Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris. Theresa Janette goes by initials TJ and believes her soul purpose is to share the Ascension Center Enlightenment of Awakening Awareness that Alien Civilizations Exist and to share in the various dimensions, levels, realms, and the seven continents of earth, seven realms of our macrocosm, and all the various types of extraterrestrials that are thought to exist inside the cosmos. TJ shares the Stargate to the Cosmos with Janet Kira Lessin and the Ascension Center Network of Ascension Beings who honor their spiritual work as members of the Ace Folklife Society of History