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In 1978 I was in the Santa Cruz Moutains at a camp called Camp Hammer and was drowned by a fellow camper. I had an amazing Near Death Experience which changed the way I view this world and my place in it. Tinabrandon The Truth Is In The Light Radio shares information on the metaphysical with many medium's, psychic's, book authors, etc. who's intent is to help mankind. If you'd like to read more go to the San Jose Examiner or brandonandtina@sbcglobal.net

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Please welcome today's guest Curtis Folts as he shares what is was like in the beginning of his awakening. The Process of Connecting to the Divine... Is their a connection between metaphysical experiences and "complex situations" we find ourselves in with the people in our lives.. thus awakening to the connection to the divine? Are we really here to learn from one another? A quote from Curtis folts "Theater is a metaphor for life." Join us as we dive in for a closer look into... Trusting In The Process. What does this look like? As a servant to the light that is I AM... I am here to help you see yourself more clearly...to hold yourself more worthy...to be who you know you truly are.....To Reach Curtis Folts go to FaceBook......sit back grab your favorite beverage and enjoy today's enlightening conversations with our guest Curtis Folts
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Please welcome Annie Jameson. http://youtu.be/IDHTE0udf24 Please go to Annie's video by simply double clicking on the link above. Annie Jameson is standing by the most beautiful waterfall I have ever seen. The environment feels... more
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