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In 1978 I was in the Santa Cruz Moutains at a camp called Camp Hammer and was drowned by a fellow camper. I had an amazing Near Death Experience which changed the way I view this world and my place in it. Tinabrandon The Truth Is In The Light Radio shares information on the metaphysical with many medium's, psychic's, book authors, etc. who's intent is to help mankind. If you'd like to read more go to the San Jose Examiner or brandonandtina@sbcglobal.net

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READINGS Tonight! It's important that people hear the messages of personal growth as we take a closer look into the life of Michelle Whitedove! We will take calls at the halfway mark. Celebrity Psychic Michelle Whitedove is a world class spiritual medium,and the first legitimate psychic to prove her supernatural abilities by being tested on American Television. Lifetime TV named her America's #1 Psychic . Whitedove's mission is to empower humanity as an enlightenment teacher and visionary. She's a six time author who actively works as a Psychic Life Coach, Spiritual-Medium, and Futurist. You may have seen her on HBO or the TODAY Show with Matt Lauer. Pick up a copy of Michelle's new book titled ASK WHITEDOVE, spiritual advice from America's Top Psychic - get it on AMAZON For more information about Michelle, her books and her appearances go to MichelleWhitedove.com and you can follow her on Facebook & Twitter. I will also be sharing my personal experience with Michelle Whitedove back in 2010 at a time in my life when it felt as if the rug was literally pulled beneath my feet as my then 23 year old son clung to life battling Pan Colitis. Michelle Whitedove's compassion and integrity was deeply felt and her approach while standing in truth made it easy for me to receive messages from spirit. Join us tonight grab your favorite beverage and settle in for an enlightening conversation. The Call in number again is 602-753-1755 calls will be taken in order that they are received.
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