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Supernatural and paranormal investigations including the occult and Illuminati exposed. Does not matter what your faith is, we are all under the knife when it comes to the New World Order. Host Scott Hensler reveal the truth behind the evil spiritual connection taking over this world and on to the universe.

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Tonight a pre-interviewe with Eric Dollard on the Integratron. The Integratron is a dome like structure with a diameter of 55 ft designed by Ufologist George Van Tassel in the deserts of California located in Landers. Tonight the story from the... more

While doing a deliverance if there is a strong manifestation I will frequently ask... are you human or demonic? I ask since an evil alter can seem to be a demon at first. My point in this information concerning deliverance (or exorcism it is also... more

Video compliments show: https://youtu.be/KVbgfZYtaOE Tonight a summery of my interview with Eric Dollard and his seismic earthquake early detection system called ?Musical Seismograph?. Also my thoughts on the beast known as digital... more

Tonight guest Patricia joins the show. Subject ranges from belief systems of unteachable people to mind control, SRA and targeted individual abuse. Are you in a relationship with someone who just does not believe the world is run by... more

According to Wikipedia definition of Rules of engagement (ROE.) Are the internal rules or directives among military forces (including individuals) that define the circumstances, conditions, degree, and manner in which the use of force, or... more

Clone walk-ins and abduction. Fairy tails or fact? Tonight what is going on with those who cannot see the truth!

Things that go bump in the night. Tonight the phenomena known as paranormal, supernatural and those who are victims of the great lie called necromancy. This includes the inventors of radio and the history of those who used it to contact... more

Are you discombobulated or are you of sound mind? Are you confused or of clarity? Tonight my two cents of what happening to the world who is greatly deceived!

From Spirits to Observatories. Tonight open topic.

Tonight a look at the man who seems to oppose the New World Order. A man on many hats is one who changes to become what is needed at the time. So at this time he is one thing. Tomorrow he will be another!