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Times of Refreshing


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This show is for serious believers and for the unbeliever to believe. You will learn how to walk in the power of the Lord Jesus by putting the faith that's in you to work. Faith without works is dead. Be filled with peace today, as your walk with the Lord is an eternal journey and there is always something to learn.

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Time is the one thing we all equally must deal with everyday. Everyone has the same time under the sun, but not all know how to manage it. Today we will discuss some of these problems we have with time and how to manage it.

What is suicide? Where does it come from? Why do people so it? Where do people go when they commit suicide? this things and more will be discussed on this show

Due to the times we're living in and the amount of doctrine we're hearing, we must discuss if God is ok with this or not. Jesus is coming and we're going to get ready. Amen

During this show we will discuss the church age that we're in, and we will reveal a fresh revelation that God drop on our ministry. It will impact you tremendously and change the way you think about the Lord's coming. Bring family and friends and... more

Tonight we will bring clarity to the most controversial, misunderstood and rejected Truth of the bible. Listen in peace and silence and humble yourself before God, that His grace may abound to give you understanding of His love.

Have you had any dreams lately? Did you know that not all dreams are prophetic in nature? Would you like to understand your dreams better? Tonight you will in Jesus' name.

Envy is the selfish and evil desire for someone else's blessing. Tonight we will disect this and will bring fresh revelation about envy and it's dangers.

Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil. The Truth will set you free and tonight you will learn to break the yolk of oppression and the bond of wickedness from your life. Glory to God for deliverance, which is the children's bread. Ame

Today you will learn how to hear God's voice. YES GOD STILL TALKS. Be ready to be edified and edify others.

A show where the power of God is displayed and the Truth is revealed. Let's move with the river of Life.