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Sisters, Mothers & Global Citizens tired of all the fighting. Our guests & listeners agree to sit in the Time Out Seat to discuss ideas and solutions, in the search for common ground and personal accountability.

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After the spin, what should we take away from the 2012 election?

Bring more wellness into your life. Susan Ingebretson, author, speaker and educator on rebuilding wellness. http://www.Rebuildingwellness.com? repeat

Join us for the 30 Day Wellness Challenge that you, our listeners asked for! Lets set our goals and encourage each other to take big or small steps towards better health and wellness. Special co-host, Cali Alpert, One of the Supervising... more

Join us today to talk about action versus intention and rediscovering yourself. Did our 30 day challenge spark changes in your life? Have you continued to focus on change action, and intent? Nick Bolton joins us to talk about his success with... more

Many say that since women have received the right to vote, many of the other family issues have made little progress-affordable day care, family leave, equal pay, food issues, huge funding cuts in education and programs helping familes... more

Food sensitivities, allergies, obesity, and illness are on the rise. Controversy over new school lunch requirements and what we feed our kids. We need to be the change or it won't happen.

Reading Labels Eating foods that fuel Paying attention to how food makes us feel What are our best food choices?

Join us for the next 30 days living intentionally. 30 days, 30 intentional days, 30 days of action. Focus on one specific intention each day and take 5 min a day to write about your experience. Does living 30 with specific intention make a... more

Are the issues in front of us in our community and globally, just reflections of our individual struggles? Can we use Law of Attraction to heal and help ourselves and others.

Is there really a War on Women or are people over-reacting?? If we as a society were judged by how we treat our women and children, how do you think we would do?
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