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Money on Your Terms

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Does Money in a relationship work? Want to bring back the romance in your relationship? Then it is time to find the answers on how to work together when it comes to the topic of money. Let go of the past and start fresh by listening in on how to deal with all aspects of money with your partner. Tim has the answers to your financial questions and how to improve that bond.

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What is the smart thing to do with your tax refund in 2015? Is it to take a Vegas trip or Carribean Cruise? That would be nice. Tim walks you through the best areas to put your refund so you can build financial security for you and... more

Many people are faced with a huge debt load. Credit Card debt, Student Loan debt, Car Loan debt, Home Equity line of credit, etc. The fear of never paying down debt is real. Tim Mann will help you face that fear by giving you the first... more

Everyone starts fresh in 2015. A large percentage of the population sets course in the new year to spend less and save more. I want to provide you with an arsenal of things to do to make the resolution happen. I call the arsenal the 4 C's. As... more

Gas prices have fallen dramatically. Now we have more money in our wallets. What are you going to do with the money? Spend it? Save it? Give it away? Listen in on what startegies to use to make that extra money from falling... more

Spending is in the air with the holiday shopping season getting underway. Even though it is the holiday season, I would like to plant the seed in your mind that saving money should be just as important as spending money. Learn the simple... more

We have another bubble on the way. That is the student loan bubble. Catch this episode if you are making the decision to send your kid to college or you are considering a student loan yourself. You will learn how to put yourself in a better... more

Hear from Real Estate expert Chuck Costigan as I interview him on what is happening in today's Real Estate Market. Whether you are a first time buyer or an experienced flipper, listen in on Chuck's answers so you can do the right thing... more

Wisdom is all around us. I would like to share with you my three pearls of wisdom that I learned over the years. Let these pearls of wisdom propel your life to happiness as it did mine. As always, the phone lines will be open, with any... more

It is normal that couples fight about money. The problem occurs on how they go about fighting that causes all the tension. Tim will give you the 6 tips you need to fight fair and create harmony in your relationship. As always, the phone lines... more

Everyone is great at spending money, however the majority of us have challenges when it comes to saving money. Tim will give you the straight talk on how to save money. Listen in on some great tips to help you get in the routine of saving... more