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Tim Jackson, Jr. will give his opinion on current events and the listening audience will give theirs.

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Don't miss this great interview when Tim Jackson, Jr. Host of "One Mans Opinion What's Yours will talk with Cirque Italia's CEO, Chante DeMoustes, it's the first time this show has been in America and they will give a special... more

Tim Jackson, Jr. will interview Youth Director, Kia Hood, Timothy IV, and Kaillou Jackson about the upcoming Keep Calm and Takeover 2013 Takeover Youth Conference August 15-17, 2013 Union Baptisit Church, Winston-Salem, NC... more

Will the State of North Carolina continue to take a backward step in time led by the Tea Party Republican Party where the State of North Carolina was know as the Rip Van Wrinkle State, No Education, No Roads, No Transpotation, No... more

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The Zimmons's Criminal Trial Verdict what does it all mean for African Americans and other minorities in American and Why are they upset?. Give your opinion today and explain to White folks why this is important to people in American... more

Has George Zimmerman told the truth in his criminal trial on the death of 17 year old Trayvon Martin. Join me in a frank discussion of the trial and give your opinion on how you believe the jury will vote on the guilt or innocence of George... more

June 25, 2013 exactly 47 years after President President Lyndon Baines Johnson, signed this historic bill into legislation, the Robert's court struck this legislation down and gave the South the right to discriminate against African American and... more

Join me in a discussion today on the dysfunctionality of the Republican House Majority lead do nothing congress, as they cry wolf, wolf, on API Phone call records, Benghazi, and the IRS debacle.

Is being a hypocrite a winning formula for Republicans? Former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, Republican Wins 1st District Congressional Seat for the State of South Carolina recently defeated business women Elizabeth Colbert... more

Want to hear more gospel music, join me this Thursday and give your opinion on selected hot gospel tracks of inspiration on "One Man's Opinion What's Yours"