Tim Gatto Unedited and Uncut

Tim Gatto-Unedited and Uncut


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We'll see

I'll be talking about the NDAA, The Anderson Campaign and South Carolina and World News.

We'll see what crackpot schemes the United States has come up with this week.

What do any of the corporate candidates stand for? As far as I can seee, they stand for nothing except thier own agendas. What on Earth would make me believe that they actually care about anyones welfare except their own?

I will be interviewing Presidentail Candidate Rocky Anderson of the Justice Party about the issues facing the United States during this Campaign. Join the former two-term Mayor of Salt Lake City and a Progressive candidate from the Justice... more

We'll see what people are writing and saying about Russia and see what is real and what isn't.

A look at the news from last week and today.

Lets look at foreign policy. We'll examine the crisis in Syria and the politics in Egypt amd anything else that comes along.

We'll see.

Tonight, Walter Brasch, writer for many Progressive sites will be on tonight discussing his views on the state of the Union. Go to WalterBrasch.com To order his book "Before the Snow"