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Tim Gatto-Unedited and Uncut


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Free from corporate influence and distortion, this is a radio show that takes an unbiased look at the events that shape our present and future.

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Tom Baldwin, a well known blogger will be on with me and we will talk about what's really going on in the World without the Media censorship.
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Lets talk about the weeks news.

The government claoms to work for the people. That is partially true. They work for the people that run the corporate state. They don't work for the rest of us. Let us seee how we are getting the shaft.

Ben Shaw is on again discussing ways to launch a political campaign at the grassroots level. Ben has been involved in politics at almost every level and anyone considering entering the political area could learn from him.

I'm running for the Senate here in South Carolina. I'll be discussing what I am bringing to the table and how I plan to bring a bottom-up grassroots campaign to the voters. I'll be taking calls from interested voters and from those that are... more

Columnist Stephen Lendman comes back on to give us som insight into the top politica stories of the day.

Ben Shaw of the Justice Party and also a mentor of mine will be on to discuss participatory democracy and bottom-up elections that turn away from big money media campaigns and focus on local involvement and fellowship from concerned... more

What's going on in this world? Whats the real scoop? Let me add my voice. I might as well, I have my show paid for.

Tim discusses the situation in the Middle East and North Africa with Finian Cunningham. Finian writes for Global Research, Press TV and other news outlets. When Finian is on air, the show is always filled with interesting new information.

Let's talk about what the power brokers are doing and what the media isn't telling you.

Tim is going to try again to get a Skype feed into Eithiopia and talk to Finian Cunningham.