Tim Gatto Unedited and Uncut

Tim Gatto-Unedited and Uncut


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Free from corporate influence and distortion, this is a radio show that takes an unbiased look at the events that shape our present and future.

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Finian Cunningham, a noted journalist for Stategic Resourses and who has covered news for Press TV and other outlets, gives his take on the events in Ukraine that seem to be changing daily. He is currently in the UK and will be... more

Walter M. Brasch Ph.D., is an American social issues journalist and university professor of journalism. He is the author of a weekly syndicated newspaper column and the author of 17 books.Walter M. Brasch Ph.D., is an American... more

The First half hour of the show we will have Dr, Paul Craig Roberts, former Reagan Administraion Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury for Economic Policy. He was associate editor and columnist with the Wall Street Journal,... more

Tim will discuss events that are happening in the World and in the US. We will have a special Rob Kall the publisher of OpEdNews.com. A giant in on the progessive web. We will be talking about hoe OEN works and the general... more

Let's talk about this drive for empire and this Trans-Pacific Partnership the government is trying to ram down out throats.

We have so much to talk about! US surviellance, Snowden, Syria, Russia and more!

The governments spin on everything and the reality of what is really happening.

Finian Cunningham will be on and we will be discussing Syria and other subjects including the US Surviellance State.

Sying on American Citizen's. How far does it go? I'll be talking about this with as many guests as I can get on short notice. So far, Rob Kall of OpEdNews and Ben Shaw from the Justice Party will be on hand.

Scotty Reid from Blacktalk Radio will be here to discuss the incrceration rate of Black Americans compared to the share of African American population. Seems something is going on here that the mainstream doesn't want anyone talking... more