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Tiferet Talk is offered by TIFERET Journal. Our literary journal and monthly radio shows feature writers like Robert Pinsky, Charles Simic, Natalie Goldberg, Ed Hirsch, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Marie Howe, and many others. To subscribe, please visit http://tiferetjournal.com/the-journal/. Your host for Tiferet Talk is Melissa Studdard, Tiferet Editor and author of "Six Weeks to Yehidah" and "My Yehidah." To participate in our annual writing contest (with $1400 in prizes), submit your work, and participate in our writing community, please visit www.tiferetjournal.com Host: Melissa Studdard Executive Producer: Donna Baier Stein Producer: RJ Jeffreys Associate Producer: Udo Hintz

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Please join Melissa Studdard and Tiferet Journal on 04/29/14 at 7PM EST for a conversation with author, poet, life coach and creative writing teacher Molly Fisk. Fisk's books include the poetry collections The More Difficult Beauty and... more
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Please join us for a doubly special interview with the poets Adele Kenny and Deborah LaVeglia. Both are reading series directors: Kenny is the director of Carriage House Poetry Reading Series, and LaVeglia directs PoetsWednesday.... more

Please join us as Melissa Studdard talks with Lois P. Jones about poetry, photography, publishing, and more. Jones's poetry and photographs have been published widely in print and on-line journals in the U.S. and abroad. She is... more

Please join us as Melissa Studdard talks with Robert Pinsky about poetry, translation, editing, and more. Pinsky, who served three terms as United States Poet Laureate, is also an acclaimed literary critic and the best-selling... more

Please join us as Melissa Studdard talks with Marc Allen about success, personal fulfillment, music, and more. Allen is a musician, composer, internationally renowned author, and president and publisher of New World Library. His latest... more

Please join us as Melissa Studdard interviews Arielle Ford. Arielle is a nationally recognized publicist and marketing expert, producer, author, consultant. She has enormously facilitated the rapid growth of the self help and human potential... more

Please join us as Melissa Studdard interviews Dr. Bernie Siegel. Siegel is retired from Yale New Haven Hospital, where he was a professor of general and pediatric surgery. He is the Academic Co-Director of the Experiential Health and Healing... more

Please join us for an interview with architect Anthony Lawlor of The Foundation for Consciousness in Architecture. Lawlor is author of the blog Dwelling Here Now and the books The Temple in the House and A Home for the Soul.... more

Please join us for an interview with Robin Rice, author, mentor, contemporary shaman, and founder of both The Awesome Women Hub and Be Who You Are Productions. A client has recently said of Rice: "Robin is a weaver of... more

Please join us for an interview with Floyd Skloot, author of seventeen books, including works of poetry, fiction and non-fiction. Skloot is a three time winner of the Pushcart Prize, and has also been honored with a Pen USA Literary... more

Please join us for an interview with Jeffrey Davis, writing coach, editor, creativity consultant, and teacher. Davis is the author of the Psychology Today blog, Tracking Wonder and the books The Journey from the Center to the Page:... more
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