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kyle wilcrout



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This week on the conversation we will discuss the DNC. Really why watch the UFC me when you have the DNC. I love how Bernie Sanders supporters are still not giving up. Hillary Clinton and the DNC rigged in her favor the... more

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This week on the conversation plagiarism from Trumps wife as she spoke from the RNC, so what! If that is all the liberals got lord help us. We have bigger problems in the US then wondering if Melania stole a couple of words or even a... more

This week on the conversation will the shootings ever end? We all know banning guns is not the answer, but what is the answer? Black panthers say they will still continue carry guns durning republican convention is that the right decision? A... more

This week on the conversation Hillary gets what we all said was coming to her nothing. I was hoping the e-mail scandle was going to lead to some kind of punishment but she is a clinton and Dumbocrat Immune to that stuff. James... more

This week on the conversation I will discuss the state of the nation with this election big very Important for every American. Also GB getting out of the EU my congrats on them for that,along with my thoughts. I have been called racist... more

This week on the conversation another shooting incident stopped in NYC, my thoughts on that and moving forward. Is there more to come or will it end? Former Islamic State sex slave tells congress ISIS needs to delt with and now. A man... more

This week on the Conversation our hearts and prayers are with all the people in FL. What if any thing can be done to stop issues like this from happening again. My thoughts on what needs to happen to stop tragic things like this from... more

This week on the conversation the left and liberals are seeing what we Americans on the right side of the political words have felt for years. I will explain as people think the burn should be the Dumbocrat front runner. Will the Burn goes as an... more

This week on the conversation Glenn Beck is kicked off Sirius XM for a week after comments about trump from guest Brad Thor. My thoughts on that and what others on that pay radio get away with and nothing is done. If Hillary is indicted... more