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This week onthe Conversation freedom of speech zone at university, handing out constutions and being harrased by school officals something is wrong with this picture. One reason I have this show you either like me or hate me but no... more

This week on the conversation we will talk about Man United's 2 game win streak. Rooney's suspension and it's effect on the team. Plus unless you were on Mars the last 5 days I asked Melissa my GF to grow old with me and be with me... more

This week on the conversation Wayne Rooney what were you thinking son a red card?????? Also the beheading of a worker by a muslim called work place violence are you kidding me. Liberals want us to not judge all Muslims but the... more

This week on the conversation we will discuss the bombing and all that at war with ISIL,ISIS. Is it a day late dollar short aka a political move as some are calling it. We will also go into talks we need to be having with our friends. Who... more

This week on the program we will take a look back at Man united's QRP's 4-nil win and is the new line up the secret code? Also with all that is going on is the US doing enough to stop ISIS. Is this country really headed in the right direction. I... more

This week on the program what does the future hold for Man United good or bad? Also 13th bad number anniversary of 9-11 will anything happen my thoughts on the safety of this country. My new CBD battle with the pain mgnt clinic I use... more

This week on the conversation I will discuss all the going on's at Man United, with the lone of JAVIER HERNANDEZ to Real Madrid I'm lost. Great player not getting him just due playing time more to be said. Also with freedom Gay and lez... more

This week on my conversation w will discuss what I have said for weeks that I see coming true. With the beheading of the American journal and Obama smiling while playing golf only moments after giving a 2 second press confrence... more

This week on the conversation we will talk about the growing media jury happening. People being found guilty or not with out a trial cause of a liberal media outlet. Plus I will give you an update on my trial of CBD's and the bud e... more

This week on the conversation we will discuss the events of the past week that coincide with my show on living life to the fullest. My thoughts on Tony Steward crash ect... Also I will do a review of the BUD touch vape pen. I recently... more