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this week on the Conversation well marijuana finally be legalized do to two democratic senators one from Oregon one from wonderful Colorado. Plus what's going on with Manchester United can anyone explain. We are so close to... more

This week on the conversation will Man Utd win the FA cup? After a 3-1 win over PNE my thoughts. Also what will it take for the U.S. to really go after ISSI before it comes to WWlll. Remember this is not right or left this is evil with a capital E... more

This week on the program Man Utd's spirit is it enough to win? Also who will stay who will go as Van Gal said no one's place at Man united is safe you need to earn it. Also Jordan bombing ISIS why the world see's what we don't. Plus two... more

This week on the conversation my thoughts on the Super Bowl and the commercial stuff. Also the red moving into 3 place in the premier league table. Also Jordan pilot being held by ISIS and what there countries plan is. America... more

This week on the program Super Bowl commercials and my thoughts on them and what I want to see. Plus tickets for the deflated game are at 6,500$ my idea's on better ways to spend your money. Also east coast get pounded with snow, my... more

This week on the conversation shake up's with goalies at Man Utd. My thoughts on that and the team moving forward. The state of the union address what I think on that and more. Death came last night in the loss of a friend and co-workers... more

This week on the conversation my thoughts on Man UTD. moving forward after the one-nil loss to south Hampton. Also will Mr. Manning retire after 17 years in the league? Where was anyone from the US durning the Paris March against... more

This week on the conversation MSL news involving the LA Galaxy. Also who will replace Thierry Henry at my NY redbulls? Also in other football news updates on Man UTD. In premier league and FA cup. Plus family has 24 hours or less to... more

This week on the conversation we will discuss Manchester United's six wins in a row. Also we will discuss the possible stopping of he embargo with Cuba of Obama. Also what is the real purpose of Christmas and things you can do to... more

This on the conversation Man united on a winning streak can the team stay on its winning ways. Also where will Jim Harbough go since San Fran. Does not want him. Also media reporters coming out about off the record Obama chewing out... more