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Davey Blackburn makes a statement for the first time since the killing of his pregnant wife. My thoughts what he said and how he will move forward. Also the attacks in Paris and what we need to do moving forward to address the issues of... more

This week on the conversation I will discuss the GOP debate and what came from it. Seeing who is shaping up to be a real candidate for President of the United States and who is there just totry to keep politics as usual in the white house.... more

This week on the conversation is Ben Carson the GOP's Jimmy Carter? Yes I like him, but if he goes into the office with no real plan and just on the people fed up with the way washington is run it could spell disaster. Matt Bevin has... more

Race Race Race we are all humans not a race? White, black, red, blue, orange yellow we are all humans. If something happens treat it as the issue at hand not as the race at hand. If you think Hillary did a great job in Benghazi just ask a... more

Will Paul Ryan be speaker of the house or not? Did trump predict 911 from Osama bin Laden 19 months before? Also the church and state seperation comments on the view my thoughts and things I have said in the past that sum... more

Really a Democrat debate Hillary vs her self lol oh wait Mr Sanders might show up. I never thought standing up for what the government is spose to up hold the constutation of the United States would get you mocked, but you do. Also... more

This week onthe conversation Trump says he is not going away only, if we could say the exact opsite of Hillary Clinton. Matt Druge made a dare to Hillary and Obama to get rid of guns in white house and the ones procecting them if they... more

This week on the conversation Iranian American's againist the Obama Iran Nuke deal. Also fox news is topping it's comperators in primetime even beating out ESPN amazing for a network and lies lies lies. Obama adressing the UN the... more

This week on the conversation a NM University student is told displaying flag in window is violating school rules about student decorations being in public spaces. The American flag in his window is being posed as a decoration in a public... more

This week on the conversation I will talk about the CNN republican presidential debate and give my thoughts on it. Also with all the GOP canadites is there anyone worth voting for? I have seen the movie war room, my thoughts on the... more