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This week on the conversation my thougths on the Up and coming Indianapolis 500 this weekend. Can people in DC change there mind? I know liberials can be so preaching of tolerence, but they usually end up being the least tolerent. So... more

This week on the conversation proud that my messages are blocked when tring to post them on a support Hillary page. Also I love how Carly F. is shoving the double standard in the state media's face. So far they can find nothing on Ben... more

Carly Fiorina Announces Her 2016 Presidential Campaign, Swipes at Hillary Clinton and ‘Professional Political Class, along with Ben Carson my thoughts on the rainbow party starting to form in the Republician party. I will... more

This week on the conversation when will the people in DC who serve use be treated like us. I would be living with Bubba in Fedral prison for the same things everyone in DC does. The Christian Holocaust is here who will stand up and... more

This week on the conversation chris christie says if he is elected President he would wage an all out war on Marjuana. Also when will the voting public become educated if ever. Plus is Hillary still a person with a 100% chance of becoming... more

This week on the conversation James Best from the dukes of hazzard died my thoughts on the show and how tv has changed since we were kids, Also now target will have special people who will help muslims out when a customer... more

This week on the conversation the Religious Restoration Act of 1993 was introduced by Chuck Schumer (D-NY). It was passed by a unanimous Democrat House of Representatives and a near unanimous Democrat Senate, and none... more

This week on the conversation will Wham finally make a reunion and tour. Also there is talk about the Dead adding more dates to their 50th reunion will they do more shows or not? Plus Man united still forth in the premier after all the top four... more

This week on the conversation the news stand weekly magazines about 3 headed zombie baby born in texas is that becoming the news? News stations telling you only what gets viewer to tune in not the truth, or any revelante info. Will... more

This week on a TBT addition of the program Alex Fergeson where are you? Plus Ronald Regan I wish he was running the country now. Throw backs to what they both did that are lessons we can learn from. The 50/50 over the lady Clinton will... more