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The Targeted Individual's VOICE


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LISTENER CALL IN PHONE NUMBER: 646-478-5722 - "Victory Over Issues of Covert Electromagnetics = VOICE” Monday evenings at 5:00 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time) LIVE FROM CALIFORNIA ! The show highlight’s mind control programs, victims of covert abuse, electronic harassment from state-of-the art operation centers, microwave ELF directed energy weapons and the technological "Hearing voices" effect, electronic implants, and the mobilized community efforts known as gang or organized stalking. The hosts discuss issues surrounding the physical and psychological effects of many patented electromagnetic technologies, little known, in use globally of which today is handheld, portable, land, sea, and spaced based in secret manipulation and torture operations, and other technological crimes being unconstitutionally committed against citizens of the United States and world wide.

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DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT A RECRUITMENT. INTEREST TO PARTICIPATE IS ENTIRELY YOUR OWN. Since it began trading in early 2003, Firecracker Films has produced high profile documentaries to critical acclaim and outstanding... more

Gang Stalking is too pervasive to exist undetected by state, local and federal police, yet government entities such as the DOJ remain silent on this nationwide community injustice. In an affidavit by the late Ted Gunderson (Deceased 2011)... more

Ken Rhoades story dates back 65 years as a victim of a government mind control program which began in the 50s and which laid the foundation for the state-of-the-art government technology based testing program fully implemented... more

Discussion on Workplace Mobbing and Gang/Organized Community Stalking with Jewel Krayan, author of "Electronic Torture, Electronic Rape: Technology and Gang Stalking at the Post Office (Published in 2011) " -... more

In this episode of the Targeted Individuals Voice, Renee Pittman M and Jeremiah J Ivie will read the research paper," On the Need for New Criteria of Diagnosis of Psychosis in the Light of Mind Invasive Technology By Carole Smith Global... more

In this episode of the Targeted Individuals Voice, hosts Renee Pittman M and Jeremiah Ivie will discuss information regarding the academic papers, "How The NSA Harasses Thousands Of Law Abiding Americans Daily By The Usage Of... more

In this episode of the TI voice we will interview Rhonda an activist for TI's and discuss her work with frequencies, her role in the UN meeting and how prayer and meditation has helped her through this difficult time.... more

In this episode of the TI's voice, we interview Derrick Robinson of Freedom From Covert Harassment And Surveillence. Topics of discussion will include: United Nation's online form for representation. Letter from Arron Alexis to a FFCHS... more

NOTE: Interesting interview with Dr. Miller who one of the show's listeners openly called a shill. Whether true or untrue, the factual effort continues to discredit any show or persons exposing the use of mind control technology. Dr. Miller was... more

OCT 21, 2013, 5:00 P.M., PACIFIC STANDARD TIME (CALIFORNIA) JOIN THE CONVERSATION BY CALLING: 646-478-5722 When first targeted many Targeted Individuals believe that everyone around them is conspiring against... more
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