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8pm CST Interview w/Dr. Robert Koontz, 03/14/11 Re: Free Energy, & Alternatives

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For the last 6 years, Dr. Robert Koontz has been investigating methods of producing energy following the work of Nikola Tesla and Dr. Thomas Henry Moray. He is now able to produce small amounts of energy in the laboratory and is ready to start building a prototype device. But Dr. Koontz says that others have already been able to produce energy in large scale and that this in no way is necessarily a violation of the laws of physics. He says that energy can be produced via gauge transformations and with a class of particles referred to as negative mass electrons and negative mass positrons. Dr. Koontz also says that water can be converted to free hydrogen and oxygen in a very rapid way that does not violate the laws of physics but does include a "gauge resonance" that most physicists would not include in their analysis. According to Dr. Koontz, an American inventor by the name of Stan Meyer demonstrated to a patent examining board that Mr. Meyer's invention could produce hydrogen quickly enough that a car could be made to essentially run on water. Such a car was then produced by Stan Meyer, who is now deceased. Dr. Koontz is seeking a public outcry that physicists be made to look into his claims and the claims of others and that they cease publicly mocking and ridiculing those scientists and inventors who say they can produce what has been called "free energy." Finally, Dr. Koontz says that he believes that if we do not have a true energy revolution in this country and in the world, then, because of massive indebtedness and massive deficit spending, the United States and the world is likely to enter an economic Dark Age that may greatly exceed that of the Great Depression. But he says that if we act in time, then a new golden age could arise for America and the world.