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Thunderhands, known by his friends as Thunder, is the world renowned author of "Listen to the wind Speak from the Heart". Thunder discusses Native American & General spirituality, current events, ancient prophecy and shamanism.

On-Demand Episodes

Thunder talks about the latest storm called "Sandy" and how that it's a major Wake Up Call for all who have any doubts about the state of affairs in the world today! Thunder's website: http://www.spiritofcrazyhorse.com/

Thunder speaks about the growing trend of censorship on social websites and other media sources. The massive propagation of fraud by the banking industry, loss of freedom and civil unrest! Link for donations, books, and newsletter.... more

Thunder speaks on "The Sand Creek Massacre" and some implications of it on todays society. To Donate in any amount and purchase books please go to: http://www.spiritofcrazyhorse.com/

Thunder talks on matters concerning how conditioning plays a large roll in competitive Mindset. This mindset permeates the political and societal aspects of life, resulting in war. Link: http://www.spiritofcrazyhorse.com/

Thunder speaks on the story's & discrepancies in some Holy books, how they impact our lives, and lead to double standards and hypocrisy. Link to books, newsletter, donations! http://www.spiritofcrazyhorse.com/

"The Real Deal" Thunder talks straight about the real hardcore techniques of Martial Arts that will help you survive difficult situations. He emphasizes the reality that might face us all and discusses certain mindsets. Link for mailing list,... more

Thunder discusses his background in martial arts and other disciplines, and how they can all fit in with the spiritual aspect of life. LINKS: http://apachetracker.blogspot.com/ http://www.spiritofcrazyhorse.com/... more

Thunder adds a spice of humor as he talks about the meanings and power of words, and how they make up our belief systems. Links: http://www.spiritofcrazyhorse.com/ http://apachetracker.blogspot.com/... more

Thunder speaks on Apache tracking techniques and how to use them to survive. websites: http://www.spiritofcrazyhorse.com/ http://apachetracker.blogspot.com/ http://www.thenativeamericantaoist.com/

Thunder speaks from the heart about his purpose, the holy wind, storytelling, his early life in Arizona, and many other topics in this conversational, relaxed episode. http://www.spiritofcrazyhorse.com/
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