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"Through The Darkness" w Christine Corda and Rev Frank Martino


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"Kiss Me I'm Psychic Radio" began in 2010 as a small BTR show. We have come a long way since then branching out to other internet radio shows finding our home of the last 2 years on Revolution Radio.as well as right here on BTR. I Christine have changed in many ways a work in progress and have left the 'psychic readings' to encourage people to grow, discern and empower themselves through God. I will still use my gifts that god has given me to help others who find themselves in situations of darkness...paranormal activity and demonic infestation or God forbid oppression or obsession. I read and sense energies and if there are intrusions. I have begun "through The Darkness Ministries" A labor of love many years in the making. Rev Frank Martino began West Indies Missions in the 1970s and has traveled extensively to Haiti over the years both to help the poor and to work within the communities of people who are suffering spiritually. His understanding of demonology and hauntings his years of deliverance and clearings makes him one of the most powerful Demonologists and clergy who has helped many people who are suffering from any form of dark energy. His wisdom is vast and his heart is huge for love of God and his people. OUR mission~ We want to bring about the truth...the truth in understanding the energies around us..the strength from understanding what other people and situations are about. There is so much confusion hurt and darkness around us when we learn we ALL can grasp the light from within connecting with God in ways we never imagined. This becomes our empowerment. Being able to 'discern' means much more then telling others what their future holds, being gifted is about self empowerment learning to connect with God and to recognize the gifts we have been given. We investigate. We seek to sense what is happening to those people who's lives are in upheaval. and people are haunted, what th

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FREE Readings tonight join Christine and Pia corda for free readings. Both Psychic Christine and Pia do phone readings as well as email. Both are Reiki practicionors and do energy work. Join them tonight for free readings. We thank... more

Tonight On "Kiss Me I'm Psychic" Presents "Through The Darkness" we will be discussing that perennial favorite "Curses" also we will talk about hexes and spells and HOW these can be used to bring demonic beings into a persons... more

Tonight On "Kiss Me I'm Psychic" "Through The Darkness" We will discuss "Religious spirits". When demons use religion against us. Join us to chat about~ Signs of a religious spirit. How to deal with a religious spirt within yourself or... more

Today on "Kiss Me I'm Psychic" Presents "Through The Darkness" we will be discussing "Spiritual" health. Keeping ourselves spiritually healthy. Question~Why should we keep ourselves spiritually healthy? A~Because our spiritual health... more

Christine Corda is a Psychic Medium and a good one. God gave her these gifts though as a small child Christine lived in a haunted home with abusive parents. Both of whom dabbled in the occult. Abuse and dark spirituality do not mix and... more

Karen Dalhman Author and Oujia-ologist Karen believes that self-empowerment is the key to living a richly rewarding and authentic life. All of her education, life & career experiences and the companies she developed and owned, center around... more

Today we are blessed to have with us Author and chaneneler Barbara Hardie~ Barbara M. Hardie is a double award-winning author, a channel for the Ascended Masters and Archangels and has included information received from these... more

FREE Readings with Jordan and Christine who will also be talking about relationships. Past present and future relationships and how they affect one and another. www.christinecorda.net

Join us today for free readgins and a discussion on beliefs and how they can change our lives.

Free readings with Jordan and Christine and discussing beliefs. Today on "Kiss Me "im Psychic".
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