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Thought Life

Thought Life


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Your thought life controls your world. Even when we are unaware, there is an expectation we have of others and our circumstances. When someone says something to us, or when something happens to us, our thoughts are set in motion interpreting the event as good or bad -- meeting our expectations or failing to do so. The result is how we feel, either pleased or disappointed. Disappointment can produce distorted thinking. When our thought processes take the wrong path, we live in fear -- saying and doing things we often regret. Stay tuned to Thought Life where the experts will help you do what the Bible says to do -- "Take every thought captive." Examine your thinking, throw out the negativity and find freedom. A graduate of Trinity University, Stephanie King holds a B.A. in Print and Broadcast Journalism. She has parlayed her education, ingenuity and appeal into a stream of opportunities taking her to great heights in her career as an award-winning television news anchor, spokesperson, actor and producer.

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Do you feel stuck in your personal life or career? Examine your core beliefs and re-frame how you view your circumstances by changing your thinking patterns. Life Coach Martha Atkins will tell you how to get out of “thought jail”.