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T is for Transgender

  • Broadcast in Politics



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I'm of the opinion, that there are many within the LGBT community, as well as outside of it, who don't really understand the "T" in LGBT. Some activists would rather just ignore the "B" and the "T" to move rights for Lesbians and Gays along, while others are adamant about the need to protect and seek equality for all of us. I believe underneath this divide is really a lack of understand about both the "T" and the "B" parts of the larger collective we call the LGBT community. This is my first stab at shedding some light on the subject. When we talk about equality and rights, these may just be letters, L, G, B, T, but in reality, there are real people behind these initials. I believe the more we get to know real people, the more we can understand and we can close that gap. Too often, if you are a part of the LGBT community, there is an unspoken requirement that by default, you have to be fighting for equality for all of us, but no effort is taken to make we we all know about all of us. So, I will be doing a series of interviews with trans and Bi folks and help end some of that lack of understanding. I'll ask all those questions that may be in the back of your mind but you are afraid to speak up and ask. Nothing will be off the table. Some questions may seem obvious, and others may even seem offensive, but if they don't get put out there, we are never going to get very far and bridging the gaps within our community.