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Kay-ce Eagan

This Side of Normal


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Nothing is normal in my life and why would you want it to be? This show is about us "normal" people who do not live a scripted life. For those of us, who wake up each day without a cookie cutter plan of action. Maybe I brushed my air today or maybe I woke up just in time to run out of the door.

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Welcome to the 7th episode. Today, we are talking about the beauty of encouragment and empowerment through your actions towards others. It is too easy for us to cut someone down or project our negativity onto... more

Death is something we all know we will face. When we will come to meet this date is unknown. Since life is so unpredictable, having a death talk is a must. With the average funeral costing over 10K, you want to be sure you are not hitting your... more

Whether you are being taught about life or being used to teach someone else, we all experience Karma. For happiness, it is best to stay on the positive side more than the negative. To ensure you are living up to your goal, daily checks of self... more

Episode 3: Begin Again This is a continuation of the second eipsode. In this podcast, I pick up with the talk about my struggles and finding a path to happiness. I share my leap of faith jumping into 2 other businesses. And, how I... more

This life is eactly what you allow it to be. If you do nothing to change your current situation; then, life will give you little. In order to see success, you have to be willing to put in the long nights before it is accomplished. Each day, you are... more

Life is not scripted. We know there is a beginning and the end. What happens in between is all about the choices and decisions we make. This podcast is about exploring those decisions and discussing what outcomes have come from to... more