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JDS Certified Inc announcing a new partnership with T2 International Marketing. This partnership is a plus to JDS in providing sound digital marketing for clients. JDS will now offer many different areas of marketing to more advanced clients using T2's experience and 25 years in the business. We are still building and connecting this new relationship. Everything should be set in place by Jan 2014. We also looking forward to our new partnership with Bank Of America ( in process now). We are looking forward to release all combine news officially Jan 1 2014!

Cedric Jennard Collier who is known to the World as Ceddy J, is responsible forthe hit internet radio show Life After Dusk Live, which is part of his radio network Dusk Spot Radio Network. Ceddy J always wanted to be a writer, but radio show happened all because of a college professor pushing him in that direction combined with promotion skills with events and artists...(see more on the 'TNTBS Fan Page')

Topic: Difficult Conversations: Why You Must Have Them and How To Get Ready

Research shows over 70% of us in the workplace are avoiding a difficult conversation we must have. Are you? In this overview, I’ll share:

  • 3 implications of not having conversations
  • 5 reasons you SHOULD have them
  • A 4 step process to prepare to have them! 

Join me for a sneak peak into the great content we provide in the Job Success Lab, and starting planning that difficult conversation you are avoiding!

Rhonda Nails, The Success Instigator has an Interview with 2014 B4 Conference Speaker Lisa Ryan. What is Grategy? Learn about how being thankful can propel your life and business into a more productive and prosperous realm.

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