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This Needs To Be Said... There is such a need for people to be able to be truthful. We have been tactful all around the world and in the midst of that we want to be accepted, so we conform. Then one day you ask yourself, "What is MY truth?" While digging through a lot of baggage gathered from wanting to belong somewhere and not sure of what you believe, there is a crying out for all those things that should be said that aren't. No longer will WE pretend that there are no issues to address! Or that we are only gonna talk about certain ones. This website is only the beginning of YOU finding YOUR way.

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Join the conversation with Valerie's Son as he gets us up to speed with what is happening the world of Politics locally and nationally.
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Join the political discussion with Valerie's Son. Coach Tony is coming to whip us in shape! Rhonda Nails will help us Pursue Until Success Happens. While Lea McLeod will show how women sabotage themselves in business.

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Join the conversation with Valerie's Son as he gets us up to speed with what is happening the world of Politics locally and nationally.

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