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We want to pray for our brothers and sisters . We love each other and we seek the truth in our minds together . Listen to our Full Fledge Show for major solutions to everyday problems .

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The world that you can only see when you take the freakin' blindfold off. Either way, it'll be forcefully removed from you sometime soon, so why not wake up now? The Answer, the truth, is waiting, content. Today's main topic, the Neurophone and Neurophone reversals! All Neurophone enthusiasts chime in! Don't know what it is? I'll explain. What are the pros and cons? I did some reversals on the BuzzBroz Ken Sheetz Neurophone youtube page and found some shocking things. Care to tune in? Call in witih YOUR Neurophone experience! NEO Neurophone arrives in June; what is the *main* reason for this device? Patrick Flanagan is the reincarnation of Nikola Tesla, except this time around, Nikola decided to work for the Illuminati and is still alive to this day....I'm tellin' you, there's gotta be somethin' sinister about this Neurophone. Would you get one when they're $99 bucks? No, this isn't a bash Patrick Flanagan and his products show.
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Taking caller's on endtime dreams We Wanna Hear you , who do you think is the antichrist -callers ... , and opinions on our time line in life now - callers ... .... Welcome again to The Full Fledge Show. The call in line is (347) 826-9733.... more

What were we talking about? All kinds of stuff! You can hear more at and every Wednesday at 10pmCST.

Welcome again to { The FULL FLEDGE Show } again ,,, the call in line is ( 347 ) - 826 - 9733 . The topics tonight will be on whether your pastor works for the mafia, why antidepressants do not work, and the secret garden we all have an the... more

Hi ya , welcome again to { THE FULL FLEDGE Show . } The call in line is , 347 - 826 - 9733 ... - We are interviewing the producer of The Vigilant Christian, Mario Emery-Paul Brisson as our guest tonight he'll be talking about the Illuminati in... more

"The fact is that our present reality is a lot more complex, controlled, dark, wicked, evil and conspiratorial than the common mind can possibly imagine, [and said mind] is just staring into a blinking screen day after day [in] a 24/7 trance and... more

Welcome again to The Full Fledge Show. The call in line is (347) 826-9733. Tonight on The Full Fledge Show, the topics include the conspiracy on the anti-christ, who is the anti-christ, where does he come from, how do we know... more

An obvious Illuminati creation is obvious, and what better way to attract children than to use a rainbow? The "New Normal." You know what it is...when the EXIT becomes the ENTRANCE, roles are reversed, and toys are used to simulate the... more

Welcome to { The Full Fledge Show } . Tonight on the Full Fledge Show, Channing and Leila will be talking about how to go about the "If You See Something, Say Something" in every day life. While we should mind our... more

Welcome again to { The Full Fledge Show } . The Call In Line - is , (347) 826-9733 If you have something to discuss on our subjects tonight . Tonight, Jeralynn & Kay will be discussing their own encounters with the... more