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This is Diana

This is Diana


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Your host a Psychic-Empath and singer with a Psychology background, features topics on Lifestyle, Humor, Entertainment, Health, The Paranormal and Causes.

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Join me as I interview Debra Markowitz. She is a Producer, Writer, Director, Casting Director, and my favorite, an Empath like me. We'll discuss her career, projects, the creative process and what it's like to be an empath. Debra has been in many wonderful film festivals but I had the pleasure of meeting her at the Big Apple Film Festival where her Film The Last Taxi Driver was featured. Her Projects include: Feature and Short Films: Stuff, Leaving, The Last Taxi Driver, Behind the Scenes, Junkie Heaven, Man from the City, Living with the Dead, My Cross to Bear, By Blood, Birr, TV, Web, Commercial and Print Casting You may contact her at any of the links below. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0548713/ www.IntentionFilmsandMedia.com www.twitter.com/debramarkowitz www.debramarkowitz.blogspot.com
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What would you expect research and statistics to say about what we, the average person, thinks of the paranormal? That they believe in ghosts, haunted houses, telepathy/ESP, UFO's, spiritual awakening, out-of-body experiences or tons of... more

It is my pleasure and honor to have Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer® back on the This is Diana Show. Join us for a very fascinating show where we will be discussing his latest book Evidence of Eternity. We will also be discussing his... more

It is my pleasure to interview Author Susan Lander about her new book "Conversation with History". She has an incredible story to share about her own journey as an Attorney, Psychic/Medium and now Author that will inspire all of... more

There are so many myths and mistunderstanding about people who are up at night and sleep during the day, that it warrants this episode. Are night people lazy? Abnormal? Rebels? Criminals? Sick? Stubborn? These ideas make... more

Every Intutive person who does sessions does it a bit differently. People want answers, insight, information about things that traditional sources cannot provide. So in conjunction with regular problem solving, consulting with professionals... more

Love is the force that is powerful enough to overcome anything. Many are in search for romantic love. But what does that look like or feel like? Who is a soul mate, a life partner a twin flame? What's the difference among the three?... more

It is my pleasure and delight to interview MIT's Cosmologist Professor Max Tegmark about his new book The Mathematical Universe. We will learn about his history, background and take a journey in to the world of Physics,... more

Do you know when it's time to say goodbye? As a child I didn't have a choice, I was moving, but as an adult it was a bit more vague. I felt I wanted my "bff" and be with my family/friends;lover forever, but that isn't realistic. People and... more

Tune in and call in to speak with Pivot about his book Reality Check. He explores how to possbiliy reverse humanity's downword spiral. A topic very close my heart. We will discuss his book, point of view, see if we agree or disagree. Callers... more

Beautiful Maelstom is a manuscript I wrote about my experinces in dealilng with issues of death and dying and my spiritual awakening. Several years ago I was studying death and dying in an academic setting. It was a way to understand an... more
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