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3RD Eye OPEN with Rev. Val Love

  • Broadcast in Motivation



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Join us as we have fun with our MPowering  guest griot Rev Val Love who never felt like she fit in. She had big feet, skinny legs and nagging low self esteem and she was weird. She barely spoke. She saw things it seemed like people couldn't or didn't see. She felt things she couldn't explain and she knew things and she couldn't explain how she knew them.  We all are children of the creator and were given gifts unique to us. Your gift is different from mine and mine is different from everyone else's. Over the past year I, DaONE, host of 3RD Eye Open have counseled, coached, spoke with, mentored and broadcast to tens of  thousands of people around the globe and the number one challenge people are having by a large percentage is discovering and accepting that unique gift and purpose. Often we believe our purpose or gift lies in our occupation, be it a doctor, lawyer, mechanic, med tech, real estate agent, and so on, but those are mostly learned skills and not gifts. Your gift is something you do without much effort, it comes naturally and easily to you. It's something you do without regard for pay because it's so abundant to you that you don't worry about it's value or cost to you. When you are working in your gift you can do it all day and enjoy doing it each time you do it. Where we get confused most times is that we don't really value it because it comes easy and there really isn't a job description or title for it. Gifts seem like a hobby very often.  If you give your gift away it will make a way for you. We don't need to go and buy presents to give away, give the gift the creator gave you. If it will sustain you all of your life what will it do for those you give it to?

"A man's gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men."           

Proverbs 18:16