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Our Vote? Again Denied

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This week , 3EO host Anthony "WuWu" Adewusi will take your calss regarding the events of  Tuesday June 25, 2013. The United States Supreme Court handed down a decision in the case of Shelby County v. Holder  that gutted a signature achievement of the Civil Rights Movement, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, placing millions of people of color, women and young people at the mercy of a dysfunctional Congress. In the last 25 years, Section 5 has been invoked to block more than 1,000 discriminatory changes in election law nationwide. ABC's Terry Moran,  said that "right now, there is no Voting Rights Act operative in the United States."
MSNBC and NBC simultaneously aired legal correspondent Pete Williams' take on the case. Williams said that the Court had struck down a "key part" of the Act by ruling that one of its sections was unconstitutional.
"It's a huge defeat for the civil rights community on the most important civil rights law ever passed,"
Minister Farakhan, June 14, 2013: "So Dr. King said it is a mockery to call it a law if it is un-enforced, so to cut out Section 5 of the Voting Rights bill is to take out the enforcement to make sure the recalcitrant of some of those who never wanted us to vote in the first place would now be free to keep us going back and forth to court, litigating and litigating and litigating. Hell with litigation,"