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Black Men & Family,, What Went Wrong

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When I read the story about Albert Haynesworth saying he didn't even like black women a year and a half ago
and then the comments of the female writer (http://thyblackman.com/2011/05/21/sheila-agnew-why-black-women-should-fight-back-albert-haynesworth-chad-ochocinco-and-satoshi-kanazawa/), It supports the reason our black men & women are at a divide in my humble opinion. I'm tired of today's black women comparing themselves to the women of my mother's generation. They  are as different as night and day in your ambitions, in commitment and compassion for your families and in your order of priorities. Compare: Today's black Mom time and time again trusts in the "professional" opinion of the school and gives that same problem son Ritalin supposedly for over activity (ADD). Albert's Mom got up on her own and worked it off of him for the good of her son. Look at the black moms who have their sons on the drugs today! Mom handled her family business regardless of the outside pressures. He's a prof. black man with $100,000,000. When a woman doesn't  sacrifice her ego and pride to be together with someone who has sacrificed his whole life to be one of the best athletes in the world and he is willing to share the rewards of his sacrifice and labor with a woman, then she doesn't get it. All he wants is someone willing to go that extra mile for him like his momma did. Today's women are proud not to fit that mold so you suffer the consequences of not receiving the same respect. Accept the consequences of your choices.  Many black women TODAY talk about our mommas like they were slaves to their men but say when we don't like or respect many black women's current attitude towards us today means we don't respect our mothers. Please! When it came to motherhood and being a wife, our mothers were bout it bout it! . What Say You?