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"Politics is Fool's Gold! Are You The Fool?"

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With Guest Griot Author, educator, speaker and host of the Roland Grimes Show ROLAND GRIMES. I just can't get excited about these debates! It's "made for television" arguing. Most people don't know enough about the business of politics to distinguish between a lie and the truth because we don't pay attention to the bills passed or defeated, the budgets and who voted how and when. Do you really know President Obama's relationship with China or are you depending on Ruppert Murdoch's (FOX, FOX NEWS) or Ted Turner's (CNN, TNT, TBS) present and former employees respectively to give you the straight poop? So what DO we know that we can hang our hat on? We know what we personally experience. That IS enough. You Are Da ONE! Many of our great grandparents didn't have the right to vote and didn't have a BS from anyplace and didn't need to be accepted and loved by the Greeks but they didn't have as many undisciplined, dis-respectful, unappreciative children as today's sofisterated (sic) & sidity professional  colored folk because their standards and expectations of themselves were SO MUCH HIGHER than ours today, starting in their own homes! Today on 3EO we will discuss from an obvious level the Casino issue  & the national education dillema and our role in determining our future.
 Hosted by National trainer, speaker & facilitator "DaOne"  Enjoy "NAISA'S  BEAT with our Silky voiced Co-Host, Grammy Award winning producer, writer, musician, broadcaster NAISA & "The Clown Prince of  Reality" POOKIE with POOKIE'S  QUOTES  featuring World renown  Griot historian of the African Diaspora It's a Myth!",  "It's a Lie!" It's "Black History Man! "  C. R. GIBBS with the Gibbs Report"